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32 Questions to Ask Yourself & Your Care Provider

Questions to Ask Yourself:    What is my birth philosophy? What is my partner’s?   Who is on my team? Who are my allies?   What is my role in achieving a healthy pregnancy and birth?   With each test, is this necessary? Which tests are necessary? What are the …

Want to be a BIRTHFIT Doula?    

Interested in Becoming a BIRTHFIT Regional Director?

BIRTHFIT Video: Nicole Guides You Through a Short Meditation


Q: How Soon Should I Wait Before Training Again After Having a Baby?

Q: How soon should I wait before training again after having a baby? A: As long as your body and baby need. It really depends. (This is not a cop-out answer; keep reading!) There are many cultures around the world that respect the period known as LYING IN. This is …

BIRTHFIT: Coach Dave Talk Cow’s Dairy

From Womb to World with Anna Verwaal

This is everything. Give yourself the next 11 minutes to just listen. XO. Lindsey

The BIRTHFIT Summit: Thank You to Our Sponsors

About two weeks ago, I experienced one of the coolest things I think I’ve ever experienced in my life. People from near and far gathered in Venice, CA for the First Annual BIRTHFIT Summit. The BIRTHFIT Summit is a private gathering for our BIRTHFIT Affiliate team. This is where brainstorming …

Why We Crawl

I read a lot of the stuff on the Internet.  I read a lot of really great information along with some weird shit and some stuff that just doesn’t really make any sense it all. A few years ago, I encountered someone that said pregnant women shouldn’t squat below parallel, …

Too Much Fitness!(?)

  When I hear something more than once, I make a note. When I hear something more than a dozen times, then it’s time to discuss.   “Your pelvic floor was too tight…you are too fit to have a vaginal birth.” “Your baby is breech because you are too fit.” …