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V for Vaginal, Not Victory

If you’ve listened to the podcast or attended a class you know BIRTHFIT recommends everyone write their birth story. Initially, when I was asked about my daughter’s birth I would simply say “she’s healthy and that’s all that matters.” I lied. I hid my birth story. I hid because it …

End the Mommy Wars

BIRTHFIT ENDS THE MOMMY WARS   Mommy Wars: evil, mean-spirited Cold Wars like everyone’s worst day of junior high. Worse yet, the assault occurs in adulthood.  Still flagrantly worse, the attacks happen when Mom is brand-new postpartum. She experiences 1,000 baby worries per second, is healing in regions unknown to …


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BIRTHFIT Q and A: Will Exercise Prevent My Baby From Descending?

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        Hey, my name is Kiersten and I am a birth and postpartum doula with a huge love for fitness & nutrition. For me, BIRTHFIT combines what I’m most passionate about: educating and empowering mamas through their pregnancy, birth & postpartum journey, while supporting them to live …

BIRTHFIT Q and A: Core Exercises?

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Dr. Erica Demonstrates a Great Movement for Diastasis Recti

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Bump Day with BIRTHFIT


Barbell Bar Path

Let’s talk bar path. That is, the barbell bar path as in relation to your body. As pregnancy progresses, which it will do with no hesitation, your belly will grow. And it will most likely grow forward and displace your center of gravity just a bit. Our bodies are smarter …

Q and A Friday

[vc_video link=””] FRIDAY TRAINING BEST EFFORT UPPER    Mobility / Activations Simple Yoga Sequence   Strength Focus   Find a Heavy Single Strict Press. *BEST EFFORT for Today. *Only 3 attempts at 90% or above that you are confident you will make.     Cardio / Stamina   Complete the …