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V for Vaginal, Not Victory

If you’ve listened to the podcast or attended a class you know BIRTHFIT recommends everyone write their birth story. Initially, when I was asked about my daughter’s birth I would simply say “she’s healthy and that’s all that matters.” I lied. I hid my birth story. I hid because it …

End the Mommy Wars

BIRTHFIT ENDS THE MOMMY WARS   Mommy Wars: evil, mean-spirited Cold Wars like everyone’s worst day of junior high. Worse yet, the assault occurs in adulthood.  Still flagrantly worse, the attacks happen when Mom is brand-new postpartum. She experiences 1,000 baby worries per second, is healing in regions unknown to …

Too Much Fitness!(?)

  When I hear something more than once, I make a note. When I hear something more than a dozen times, then it’s time to discuss.   “Your pelvic floor was too tight…you are too fit to have a vaginal birth.” “Your baby is breech because you are too fit.” …

BIRTHFIT eBook: The Real Deal

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BIRTHFIT Q and A: Will Exercise Prevent My Baby From Descending?

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        Hey, my name is Kiersten and I am a birth and postpartum doula with a huge love for fitness & nutrition. For me, BIRTHFIT combines what I’m most passionate about: educating and empowering mamas through their pregnancy, birth & postpartum journey, while supporting them to live …

Could Dr. Lindsay Mumma be the Next Mrs. America?

Dr. Lindsay Mumma’s BIRTH STORY HERE.     I have a weird kind of announcement to make. I’m not pregnant, so let’s get that out of the way. But I am going to be representing the city of Raleigh at the Mrs. North Carolina America Pageant. To answer the question …

BIRTHFIT Q and A: Core Exercises?

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Dr. Erica Demonstrates a Great Movement for Diastasis Recti

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