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Q: How Soon Should I Wait Before Training Again After Having a Baby?

Q: How soon should I wait before training again after having a baby? A: As long as your body and baby need.  (This is not a cop-out answer; keep reading!) There are many cultures around the world that respect the period known as LYING IN. This is the rest period …

“BIRTHFIT was the single best thing I did for myself postpartum.”

  The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series has been such a hit in the various affiliate locations throughout the United States. So, we transferred a lot of the material into the Queen In Training ebook. This postpartum training guide has loads of videos and recommendations. It is the rehab for birth that our …

BIRTHFIT Mindset: Queen In Training

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BIRTHFIT Suggested Strength Training

Suggested Strength Training  3 x 8 Good Mornings Let’s wake up the posterior chain. Your booty is your major pelvis stabilizer. Let’s get it working to support you and hold you up.   [vc_video link=””]

BIRTHFIT Suggested Strength Training

Suggested Strength Training Barbell Bent Over Row 3 x 8 This exercise is great for mid back muscles as well as the entire pelvic and core muscle groups. [vc_video link=””]

Queen In Training: A BIRTHFIT Postpartum Training Program

Queen In Training has transitioned into our ONLINE POSTPARTUM PROGRAM. This is a BIRTHFIT publication. Meaning many came together to design this program. Remember, we have doctors of chiropractic, doulas, CrossFit and Weightlifting Coaches, nurses, PTs, yoga instructors, and more on our team. With very little equipment and time, you …

BIRTHFIT Q and A: Squatting Below Parallel

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Common Movements for Breech Babies

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Last week I had a patient come see me based on her doctor’s recommendation. The client was 27 weeks and her doctor mentioned that her baby was breech. Not a big deal because most babies will continue to move around until they begin to run out of room (around 37-39 weeks). …

BIRTHFIT Q and A: What Evidence Do You Have to Support Exercise?

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The United States Spends a Shit Ton on Pregnancy and Childbirth. And, We Are Still Losing.

  The United States is a developed country that has a significantly high maternal mortality rate with no indications that it will lower in the next 5 years.That is unless someone in the driver seats make a hard left to go down the opposite path that we are on.   …