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BIRTHFIT Cleveland Testimonial: Experiencing ALL of BIRTHFIT

BIRTHFIT Milwaukee New Mom Testimonial      

Interested in Becoming a BIRTHFIT Regional Director?

BIRTHFIT Video: Coach Nast Discusses the Power of Your Words

BIRTHFIT Movement: Baby-Wearing Squats

We do these because they are RAD!   [vc_video link=”″]  

BIRTHFIT Q and A: Common Signs of Labor?

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BIRTHFIT Q and A: What can I do to help my pull-up game?

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BIRTHFIT Suggested Strength Training

Suggested Strength Training Barbell Bent Over Row 3 x 8 This exercise is great for mid back muscles as well as the entire pelvic and core muscle groups. [vc_video link=””]

BIRTHFIT Webinar: Pelvic Floor & Core Health with Dr. Erica Boland, DC

Today, Monday, Dr. Erica Boland, DC will be hosting the BIRTHFIT Webinar: Pelvic Floor and Core Health. This webinar is completely free. Click the photo below to take you to the link!         Links for videos mentioned in BIRTHFIT:

BIRTHFIT Q and A: Mindset Training Tips During Pregnancy

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