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BIRTHFIT Constantly Evolves

  BIRTHFIT focuses on a growth mindset.  This means we embrace an ever-changing, always-growing, constantly-learning approach to life.  We embrace the fact that we can always grow and improve. This translates to an ever-evolving experience for those who work with us.  The moms who took my first BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series …

Less Than a Year Postpartum? Hold Off on the Weight Belt.

  There is a time and place.   That’s right. There is a time and place for things like weightlifting shoes, weightlifting belts, wrist straps, knee sleeves, and so on. That time is not during the first nine months postpartum.   We’ve talked about returning to training in previous blogs, …

Am I Being Safe While Lifting a Load?

  Whether you are moving a sandbag, a barbell, some farmers handles, or even kettlebells, there are few universal ideas to keep in mind when lifting an external load. If you’re pregnant or postpartum, that throws a little asterisk in the equation, but the universal ideas still ring true. These …

BIRTHFIT Suggested Strength Training

Suggested Strength Training  3 x 8 Good Mornings Let’s wake up the posterior chain. Your booty is your major pelvis stabilizer. Let’s get it working to support you and hold you up.   [vc_video link=””]

BIRTHFIT Q and A: What can I do to help my pull-up game?

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BIRTHFIT Suggested Strength Training

Suggested Strength Training Barbell Bent Over Row 3 x 8 This exercise is great for mid back muscles as well as the entire pelvic and core muscle groups. [vc_video link=””]

Queen In Training: A BIRTHFIT Postpartum Training Program

Queen In Training has transitioned into our ONLINE POSTPARTUM PROGRAM. This is a BIRTHFIT publication. Meaning many came together to design this program. Remember, we have doctors of chiropractic, doulas, CrossFit and Weightlifting Coaches, nurses, PTs, yoga instructors, and more on our team. With very little equipment and time, you …

BIRTHFIT Q and A: Squatting Below Parallel

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BIRTHFIT Movement: Farmers Carry

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Common Movements for Breech Babies

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Last week I had a patient come see me based on her doctor’s recommendation. The client was 27 weeks and her doctor mentioned that her baby was breech. Not a big deal because most babies will continue to move around until they begin to run out of room (around 37-39 weeks). …