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BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar

Are you a coach? Do you train women? Do you support women throughout the Motherhood Transition? Become a Prenatal and Postpartum BIRTHFIT Coach.  The first step is to complete the BIRTHFIT Education, which is online, and can be done all at your own pace. Next, you would submit your paperwork …

diaphragm breathing

Movement and Mindset: Diaphragm Breathing & Stability Breath

  We get questions all the time about breath. Keeping it simple, we teach two basic breaths—diaphragm breathing and stability breath. Yes, there are hundreds of ways to get creative with your breath and to practice breath work, but you NEED these two breaths at your foundation of breath work …

Running Postpartum

Running Postpartum: How Soon After Childbirth Can I Begin?

How soon after birth can I run? Hold up. Running postpartum can look and feel entirely different compared to prepregnancy. Your body has gone through a lot physically, mentally, and emotionally. Running postpartum requires a solid foundation as well as compassion and grace for your physical body. Slow is fast …

Lying in

Lying In (Postpartum Healing Timeline)

  We need a paradigm shift. We need to bring a respect and honor back to the motherhood transition. We need a lying in period here in America and other Western Cultures. We need a specific down time in which the only priority is to bond with baby and reconnect …

postpartum recovery timeline

Postpartum Recovery Timeline

  People have expectations and assumptions about the postpartum recovery timeline. People want to know details. They don’t want to be left guessing. However, birth is unknown. The journey of birth is unknown and the other side is unknown, and influenced by the birth experience. There are a variety of …

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability is used to assess your body’s ability to adapt via your nervous system. Your nervous system communicates to you when you’re safe or unsafe. Ideally,  80% of the time we will live in the state of safety and only spend about 20% of our time in that …

Pelvic Mobility

Pelvic Mobility on Birth Ball

  Pelvic Mobility Pelvic mobility is critical for comfort and for supporting your body’s ability to adapt throughout pregnancy and the immediate postpartum. Pelvic mobility is also vitally important for labor and delivery. Labor is a dance between mom and baby. Ideally, baby is head down and sort of corkscrewing …

Abdominal massage

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage is an old practice and remains beneficial. Abdominal massage can enhance circulation, release oxytocin, and enhance healing. This is best done lying down with knees bent or a pillow under your knees. Use your favorite oil like sesame or castor oil. We try to stay away from coconut …

Spinal Range of Motion

Spinal Range of Motion for Pregnancy and Postpartum

This video demonstrates the general spinal range of motion for the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. This movement is ideal for anyone postpartum and anyone in their first trimester. We love this movement for postpartum rehab to bring back awareness around strength and stability. The segmentation of this movement allows …

Exercises for Urinary Incontinence

3 Exercises for Urinary Incontinence

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