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Pregnancy Misconceptions

My Top 5 Pregnancy-Related Misconceptions

When mom and baby are healthy, there should be no reason not to train for birth. In my opinion, and what I founded BIRTHFIT on, is that training includes, but is not limited to, strength, conditioning, flexibility, and balance. These skills can easily translate into other ordinary life tasks. When …

Training Cycle

Training Cycle

What is Training Cycle?    Training Cycle is a strength and conditioning training program based on a 28 day menstrual cycle created by yours truly. My intention was to apply feminine energy to an otherwise masculine dominated world of strength and conditioning training. After months of trial and error I …

Back-to-back pregnancies

Back-To-Back Pregnancies

Lately, we’ve had a number of people reach out via social media and email who are curious as to how to best support their bodies with back-to-back pregnancies. Mostly what you read on the internet are horror stories and how this experience is anything but desirable. We’re determined to flip …


BIRTHFIT Growth and Changes

We have spent the last year restructuring from the top down and inside out, so that we remain in alignment with our values as we expand and grow the BIRTHFIT movement!    I want to share a little bit of backstory with you.   As the CEO and Founder of …

Training During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Monitoring Training During Pregnancy

What should my heart rate be?  How much weight is too much?  What can I do to monitor myself?    These are the million dollar questions for monitoring training during pregnancy. However, there is no one-size-fits-all model for training throughout pregnancy and the initial twelve months postpartum.  Tools we use …


BIRTHFIT Coach Is an Honor: Requirements and Recommendations 

We frequently hear from personal trainers and/or coaches (women and men) wanting to be a BIRTHFIT Coach. However, when we share our BIRTHFIT Coach Education and application requirements and recommendations, many people vanish or have a hard time understanding why we cannot just “let them in”.    Our BIRTHFIT Coach …

BIRTHFIT Summit 2019

BIRTHFIT Summit 2019 Highlight

  The BIRTHFIT Summit is an annual gathering of BIRTHFIT Leaders and has a limited number of spots available. If you’re interested in attending this one-of-a-kind experience, then be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates and follow us on social media!



Last year I found myself in an uncomfortable situation. A friend and colleague of mine asked, “Why is the leadership within BIRTHFIT mostly white women?”   I was first defensive and in a bit in shock. I had never been in this situation before. Many of my closest friends would …

Birth Story

“Too Fit” is Not the Problem

Recently, I was attending a birth as a doula. You should know that at this point in my career, I only take on doula clients that do the work and choose to be “birth fit”. This means preparing mind, body, and soul for this monumental transition and planning for the …

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