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BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar Highlights


Am I Being Safe While Lifting a Load?

Whether you are moving a sandbag, a barbell, some farmers handles, or even kettlebells, there are few universal ideas to keep in mind when lifting an external load. If you’re pregnant or postpartum, that throws a little asterisk in the equation, but the universal ideas still ring true. These are …

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis: Filling the Gap Part 2

  As discussed in Part 1 of the DRA blog series, in order to understand how to heal diastasis and properly train the core, we need to understand how our bodies were made to function in the first place. Babies are born with immature motor patterns. You will notice newborns …

[VIDEO] BIRTHFIT Movement Recommendations 16 Point 4

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BIRTHFIT Movement Recommendations for CrossFit Open 16 Point 2

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BIRTHFIT Movement: Recommendations for CrossFit Open 16.1

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BIRTHFIT Kansas City: Dr. Amanda Gets Personal

I joined the BIRTHFIT movement because I had two very different pregnancy/postpartum experiences. With my first child, I was just finishing up my basic science courses for chiropractic school and getting ready to take Part I of National Boards. That meant I had a ton of classes and stress. I didn’t …

The Female Body: Pure Magic

  Courtney Bowman Coach at Boulder Mountain CrossFit Hailey, ID 

That One Time BIRTHFIT, Metagenics, & ONNIT Were in the Same Category

Y’ALL! This is UNREAL! My friend Mary, The PaleoChef, messaged me the other day to let me know that BIRTHFIT and I were nominated for Paleo Magazine‘s Best Of 2015. She sent me the link and sure enough there was my name in the same freaking Firestarter category as Robb …

BIRTHFIT Mindset: Queen In Training

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