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BIRTHFIT Online Prenatal Training

BIRTHFIT Online Prenatal Training

Birth is an ATHLETIC event. Delivering a baby takes strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance to name a few physical skills. If I signed up for a marathon, the first thing I would do is search for a training schedule. I would start planning right away. I would not run that …

Relationships with a New Baby

Navigating Important Relationships with a New Baby

When a child is born, so is a mother. Getting to know yourself as a mother can be challenging, and on top of that add in the complexity of how this transition impacts your other relationships with a new baby. Let’s examine some of the ways that your relationships may …

Fitness Adaptations While Trying to Conceive

Fitness Adaptations While Trying to Conceive

One season of the motherhood transition is preconception and/or trying to conceive. It is important to know that everything affects everything and the way we intentionally eat, think, and move plays a part in conception.   So how does a woman who is actively trying to conceive approach this?   …

Advance Maternal Age Pregnancy

Advance Maternal Age Pregnancy

An advanced maternal age pregnancy, or what some people have lovingly called “geriatric pregnancy”, is a pregnancy that occurs in a person that is 35 years or older. Wait, what!? There’s nothing like hearing the word “geriatric” to make you feel excited for your pregnancy. I remember being in the …


BIRTHFIT Coach Is an Honor: Requirements and Recommendations 

We frequently hear from personal trainers and/or coaches (women and men) wanting to be a BIRTHFIT Coach. However, when we share our BIRTHFIT Coach Education and application requirements and recommendations, many people vanish or have a hard time understanding why we cannot just “let them in”.    Our BIRTHFIT Coach …

Transversus Abdominis

The Role of Transversus Abdominis as Part of a Functional Core

You’ve probably heard that the transversus abdominis (TvA) is essential for core stability. You’ve heard right, but that’s only a small part of the whole story. The truth is, the TvA is *part* of a dynamic core (referring to the entire region from your neck to your hips).   Why …

BIRTHFIT Summit 2019

BIRTHFIT Summit 2019 Highlight

  The BIRTHFIT Summit is an annual gathering of BIRTHFIT Leaders and has a limited number of spots available. If you’re interested in attending this one-of-a-kind experience, then be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates and follow us on social media!

Preparing Your Older Child for Birth

Top Five Tips on Preparing Your Older Child for Birth

When I was pregnant for the second time and not wanting the same experience as the first, I began searching for more information and alternative options regarding birth. We brought midwife, Terri Payne, CNM, on as our doula and she asked where I would like to birth and if our …

Preparing For A Vaginal Birth After Tearing Or Episiotomy

Preparing For A Vaginal Birth After Tearing Or Episiotomy

In an ideal world, no birthing person would suffer vaginal or perineal trauma during birth, either spontaneous or by episiotomy. The reality is, these things do occur and can be quite traumatizing. If you are among those that has had to recover from a vaginal/perineal tear or episiotomy, the thought …

Pros and Cons in Choosing a Birthing Location

Where to Birth?

Pros and Cons in Choosing a Birthing Location: Hospital, Birth Center (hospital or free standing), Home Birth, or Unassisted   Congratulations! You’re pregnant, have a million things on your checklist, and you’re whittling away at them while you can. But should birthing location be a question of consideration? When our …