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Running Postpartum

Running Postpartum: How Soon After Childbirth Can I Begin?

How soon after birth can I run? Hold up. Running postpartum can look and feel entirely different compared to prepregnancy. Your body has gone through a lot physically, mentally, and emotionally. Running postpartum requires a solid foundation as well as compassion and grace for your physical body. Slow is fast …

postpartum recovery timeline

Postpartum Recovery Timeline

  People have expectations and assumptions about the postpartum recovery timeline. People want to know details. They don’t want to be left guessing. However, birth is unknown. The journey of birth is unknown and the other side is unknown, and influenced by the birth experience. There are a variety of …

VBAC rates

Current Events: VBAC Rates in the U.S.

Once a month we discuss current events in maternal health care. In this installment, we look at a study conducted to better understand the current rates of vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) in the United States. Keep reading for more details!    Demographic, Socioeconomic, Health Systems, and Geographic Factors Associated …

Abdominal massage

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage is an old practice and remains beneficial. Abdominal massage can enhance circulation, release oxytocin, and enhance healing. This is best done lying down with knees bent or a pillow under your knees. Use your favorite oil like sesame or castor oil. We try to stay away from coconut …

Exercises for Urinary Incontinence

3 Exercises for Urinary Incontinence

    Get Started Below Online Programs: Consultations: Directory:

Twin Pregnancy

Eight Things to Consider During a Twin Pregnancy 

One sentiment I often hear from other moms before or after their first ultrasound is, “Oh my gosh! What if I’m having twins?” I have twins myself, so I’m not sure if I hear this regularly because they want my opinion on what it would be like, or if there …

Labor and Delivery With a Prolapse

Labor and Delivery With a Prolapse

“Is it okay for me to try and have a vaginal delivery since I have a cystocele?” “Should I schedule a c-section since I have a prolapse?” “Is it safe for me to get pregnant since I have a prolapse or will it get worse?”    Like most things surrounding …

Maternal Health Care 2

Current Events in Maternal Health Care: Week of June 1, 2020

Once a month we are discussing current events in maternal health care. A lot has happened since our last installment! Take a look at studies released in the last month below.    In an article published by The Lancet: Global Health, a study analyzing the indirect effects of the COVID-19 …

Should You Take A Childbirth Education Class

Should You Take a Childbirth Education Class?

When you are going through pregnancy, you often receive information from everyone and everywhere – whether it’s your neighbor, the internet, or books. With so much information available, it can be hard to decide what you and your partner want out of birth. This is exactly why a childbirth education …

BIRTHFIT resources

Links We Love: Linking to Evidenced Based Research and Awesome Sites

At BIRTHFIT we believe resources that give up to date, unbiased, and inclusive information are the best. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of favorite sites and resources for your reference.  This list is broken down into each pillar so that you can see how BIRTHFIT can support you in …