Lying In (Postpartum Healing Timeline)


We need a paradigm shift. We need to bring a respect and honor back to the motherhood transition. We need a lying in period here in America and other Western Cultures. We need a specific down time in which the only priority is to bond with baby and reconnect with our body. At BIRTHFIT, we strongly recommend a lying in period immediately following birth.

In a lying in period, the main objectives are to bond with baby, nourish your soul, and replenish your physical body. This is a time of grounding and integrating. This is not the time to deplete or starve your body. This is not the time to go to the gym or yoga studio. This is not the time to people please and invite all the visitors over. This is a time of honoring the process and slowing down. These lying in moments are magical and you’ll never get them back.

Plan ahead of time. Plan for your lying in period while you’re in your third trimester of pregnancy. Prep food and freeze it. Have your friends and family do a meal train or sign up for chores. If baby happens to be awake and you want to introduce him/her, great. Designate a point person or an ally in which you can call for support or ask for help. Ideally, you and your husband/partner each have an ally. This person offers nonjudgmental support and can also hold you accountable. Make sure you have the supplies and resources you need. Be sure to look into the ecopostnatal box and get the contact info for your favorite local lactation consultant.

The lying in period is a sacred honoring and healing time. Plan accordingly for the first thirty days following birth.


Lindsey Mathews
CEO & Founder


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BIRTHFIT has a free Lying In guide. This thirty day guide has been designed to give you some guidance as to how to intentionally move your physical body to shift energy and facilitate healing.

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