Movement and Mindset: Prepare for Labor

These are some of our favorite movements to prepare for labor. Labor will happen in all planes of motion. Labor is a dance with mom and baby. Therefore, hip circles, gentle circles in Table Top, Straddle Stretch, and more are such great movements to breathe into as your prepare for labor. We recommend using these movements daily as early as 36 to 37 weeks pregnant. Prepare for labor by giving yourself 10-20 minutes to perform these movements and breathe into each one. We want these movements to feel good in your body. Table Top and High Bear will help baby to line up his/her head directly on top of your cervix and get in a good position for labor. Hip Circles and Supported Squat will help to make sure hips remain open. Once you’ve completed the movements, go for a 10-20 minute walk. All the movements and walking will help enhance blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

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If you want to dig deeper into individual movements – watch this video on using lunges for labor.


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