Pelvic Mobility on Birth Ball


Pelvic Mobility

Pelvic mobility is critical for comfort and for supporting your body’s ability to adapt throughout pregnancy and the immediate postpartum. Pelvic mobility is also vitally important for labor and delivery. Labor is a dance between mom and baby. Ideally, baby is head down and sort of corkscrewing his/her way down and into the mother’s pelvis with the assistance of gravity. On top of regular chiropractic adjustments, we recommend that you walk, squat, lunge, and practice regular pelvic mobility daily throughout your pregnancy. This is one simple, yet effective, movement that we love to utilize in order to maintain and enhance pelvic mobility between adjustments and walking.

We recommend ball circles a minimum of once a day, but ideally twice a day. We find that if you can add them to your first bit of gentle movement in the morning and then again throughout your day that you’ve got yourself a pretty good base for pelvic mobility. If you have a job in which you find yourself seated a lot, please do yourself a favor and exchange your chair for a physioball at least for half of the day. Ball circles include big circles in each direction as well as figure eights in each direction. You may find that one direction feels a bit stickier than the other direction. This is common as we all have dominant sides and movement compensation patterns. Just observe and perhaps spend some extra time going in that sticky direction.

Once pelvic mobility becomes part of your daily routine you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your pelvis is functioning, which movements feel good on a particular day, and more importantly, when you need an extra adjustment and/or bodywork. Your pelvis is the bowl that holds and houses not only your organs but also your baby. Pelvic mobility enhances the space in which he/she can move and grow for forty weeks.

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