Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage is an old practice and remains beneficial. Abdominal massage can enhance circulation, release oxytocin, and enhance healing. This is best done lying down with knees bent or a pillow under your knees. Use your favorite oil like sesame or castor oil. We try to stay away from coconut oil in the immediate postpartum as it is known as a cooler oil. You can apply the oil directly to your belly or to your hands. Use the pads of your fingers and gently go in a circular motion toward the belly button. You decide the pressure and speed for the belly massage. In the early postpartum days, you’ll want to be gentle with yourself so that may feel like super-light pressure and slow speed. Mothers start belly massage as early as 2-4 days postpartum. You can start whenever you feel it’s time for you. Also, please make note that if you have a cesarean incision please avoid the incision area until the stitches are out. Then, you’ll want to massage the scar to prevent any adhesions. Spend two minutes on an abdominal massage or thirty minutes. It’s totally up to you. An abdominal massage is a beautiful opportunity to connect with your physical body in this new chapter of your life and to extend gratitude for your body and all it has done. Light some candles, turn on some beautiful chorus music and start massaging your belly. Enjoy this time with you!


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