What Does Queen-in-Training Mean?

At BIRTHFIT, we created the phrase Queen-in-Training. 

The Queen is a universal archetype. The Queen is the mother, leader, goddess, or ultimate divine feminine, who expresses love, patience, maturity, and wisdom. She expresses sovereignty over her body and actions. This archetype is also a giver and a receiver of love, support, and help from her community and/or family members. Her presence extends beyond her beauty and her body. The Queen contributes to the people around her and makes a huge impact on her relationships, organizations, and society. She doesn’t waste her energy worrying about the number on the scale, because she understands that her body is a reflection of her self-expression.

The Queen-in-Training is someone who is in the process of cultivating her Queen and releasing her Princess. Unlike the Princess, she needs less affirmation, negative self-talk loses its charm, and she’s in the practice of patience, compassion, flow, and gratitude. She recognizes that every thought and action has a positive intention—whether or not the act or the outcome is inherently positive. When the positive intention yields a negative, disempowered result, she can see this as feedback—not failure—and take a new action.

According to Marc David of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the natural maturation process for those that identify as women and men follows a timeless, universal, and energetic archetype. This dimension helps provide context for where a person is in their personal journey and presents opportunities for growth into the next phase. Therefore, a Prince, a King-in-Training, and a King are just as relevant as the Queen archetypal journey.

Throughout our lives, we’ve been exposed to archetypes. By definition, an archetype is something that is recognized across cultures and time. If you look up the origins of archetypes, you will probably land on the work of psychologist Carl Jung. However, he’ll admit that he did not invent this concept as the idea of archetypes have been around within cultures since the beginning of time. 

According to Kim Krans, in her book The Wild Unknown: Archetypes Guidebook, archetypes have certain characteristics: 

  • Patterns 
  • Universal 
  • Timeless
  • Infinite 
  • Contain Both Light and Dark 
  • Use an Image 
  • No Image Can Fully Capture 

Our research into the Queen archetype is largely based on the work of Marc David of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Kim Krans, and Anatomy of the Spirit and/or Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss. Archetypes are designed to enhance our imagination and broaden our lens. They are there to help us challenge our current state of beliefs and being. There are hundreds of archetypes. Dive deeper into this concept to bring new awareness to your life and work. 

Can you name and describe a Queen-in-Training and/or a King-in-Training in your life? 



Lindsey Mathews, BIRTHFIT CEO & Founder 




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