Top 4 Warning Signs for PMADs (Perinatal and Postpartum Mood Anxiety Disorders) 

In the past ten years of working with clients during the motherhood transition, we have had the honor of supporting people through many highs and lows. We’ve had the opportunity to observe many warning signs for PMADs early on so that we could ensure support. The motherhood transition can be beautiful and messy. It can be the most rewarding of times and the most gut-wrenching. It is anything but easy. ⁣

At BIRTHFIT, we work with clients via movement. That means they show up for movement classes, seminars, or sessions. Oftentimes we see our clients with more regularity than their healthcare providers do. Our clients confide in us. They trust in us. Therefore, as leaders and coaches, it is our responsibility to keep our clients safe. ⁣

PMADs are perinatal and postpartum mood anxiety disorders. PMADs is a term used to describe big distressing feelings and emotions from pregnancy through the first twelve months postpartum. In our experience, these are our top 4 warning signs for PMADs when working with clients during the motherhood transition: ⁣

  • avoidance and/or withdrawal from their close, immediate relationships ⁣
  • uncontrollable crying ⁣
  • neglect ⁣of personal care and nutrition 
  • emotions of guilt, shame, and/or failure around the birth experience ⁣

In our experience, these four bullet points are significant warning signs for PMADs.  Your client, friend, or family member may need immediate care and support. If you see any of these signs/symptoms, please hold space and ask how they need you to support them at this moment. Take a pulse of the situation and have referrals on deck ready to go. ⁣



Lindsey Mathews, BIRTHFIT CEO & Founder 




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