Should You Take a Childbirth Education Class?

When you are going through pregnancy, you often receive information from everyone and everywhere – whether it’s your neighbor, the internet, or books. With so much information available, it can be hard to decide what you and your partner want out of birth. This is exactly why a childbirth education class is helpful. Whether you are a first-time parent or a parent to multiple children, a childbirth education class will help prepare you and your partner for birth and the unknown. 


A childbirth education class will not only answer any questions you may have, but will help you find the birth YOU desire. You and your partner will learn and “practice” various techniques, such as breathing and movement, that can help relieve discomfort, move your baby into an optimal position, and help you work through the different phases of labor. One of the most important aspects of a childbirth education class is to minimize any anxiety or stress that may come with the “what if’s.” Not only will a childbirth education class help you prepare for labor, it will also walk you through possible delivery complications or medical interventions, so that you and your partner can be ready for all scenarios. 


Some common questions that may come up during a childbirth education class are:

  • What will the different stages of labor look and feel like? 
  • When is it time to go to the hospital? Birth center? What happens when we get there?
  • What if I go past my due date?
  • What are common practices during pregnancy? Bloodwork and testing?
  • What happens during contractions and what does they feel like?
  • What do different medical interventions look like and why would they need to take place?
  • What should the environment of the birth room look like? Who do I want “in my corner”? 
  • I want a natural birth, but am I strong enough?
  • Can I exercise throughout pregnancy? 
  • Will I be able to move, eat, and drink during labor? If not, why?
  • What if I have a “big baby?” How will that contribute to my anatomy?
  • What questions should I ask when looking for a provider?
  • What questions should I ask when looking for a pediatrician?
  • What are the differences between a home birth vs. birth center vs. hospital? 
  • What are possible delivery complications and what will providers do for each?
  • What the heck do I pack in my hospital bag?!


Along with labor and birth preparation, a childbirth education class will cover the basics for caring for your newborn, breastfeeding tips and concerns, as well as postpartum care. Having a postpartum care plan is crucial for the parenthood transition, when the focus shifts from mom to the baby after delivery. This is why, whether you are preparing for your first little one or your fifth little one, taking a childbirth education class will help to ease both partners during the parenthood transition. 


All around the world, BIRTHFIT leaders hold in-person classes, such as The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series. Our Prenatal Series is a childbirth education class, in which parents will discover their own birth desires, create a custom postpartum gameplan, and experience innate movement positions to help with relaxation and enhance the physical body’s wellbeing. This series will teach parents about BIRTHFIT’s four pillars: fitness, nutrition, mindset, and connection. Parents will be able to address any fears or concerns, while creating a stronger bond and navigating parenthood together. You and your partner will gain confidence from the knowledge and experience, helping you two have a more fulfilling childbirth experience. 


Looking for a BIRTHFIT leader in your community to take the BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series? Check out our directory to find a BIRTHFIT Leader near you!


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