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At BIRTHFIT we believe resources that give up to date, unbiased, and inclusive information are the best. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of favorite sites and resources for your reference.  This list is broken down into each pillar so that you can see how BIRTHFIT can support you in each area as well.



  • BIRTHFIT Leaders host the BIRTHFIT Postpartum and Prenatal Serieses. These classes are the best and most hands-on way to implement BIRTHFIT into your Motherhood Transition training. Our BIRTHFIT Leaders will also have resources for gyms and classes taught by our BIRTHFIT Coaches with approved BIRTHFIT programming.
  • BIRTHFIT Programming is your way to be BIRTHFIT throughout your Motherhood Transition if you want a supplement to our Prenatal or Postpartum Series or are not located near one of our BIRTHFIT Leaders. We offer Virtual Small Group Coaching, Postpartum Training and so much more. JOIN NOW!
  • The BIRTHFIT Blog has so many resources including this awesome blog post “Absolute Nos for Pregnancy and Postpartum in the Gym” to help you if you’re training at home or in a gym that does not provide BIRTHFIT programming.
  • Evolved Motion partnered up with BIRTHFIT last year to bring you the BIRTHFIT EmPack which comes with your choice of a 6-week prenatal or postpartum fitness program with the Empack.
  • Roll Model Mama is a self-massage program for women in the Motherhood Transition. This program uses therapy balls to help alleviate pain and other changes that occur during the motherhood transition.
  • Spinning Babies is your go-to for belly mapping, ways to get baby into optimal fetal positioning for birth when they are not head down and other exercises to ensure optimal pelvic movement. There are even specific exercises for VBAC and twin births.



  • BIRTHFIT Consultations are a perfect way to meet with a BIRTHFIT Leader to discuss mind-body nourishment and nutrition for the Motherhood Transition.
  • Many of our BIRTHFIT Professionals are nutritionists or have advanced nutrition training and can help guide you on your way to embracing a growth mindset with nutrition during this time.
  • The BIRTHFIT Blog features more nutrition tips including “Quick Tips for Combating Nausea and Vomiting” and “Maintaining your Nutrition in the First Trimester”.
  • BIRTHFIT has also partnered up with Working Against Gravity to provide you with even more options for custom, one-on-one nutrition coaching.
  • Lily Nichols, RD is a real food dietician who packs her prenatal nutrition book Real Food for Pregnancy full of the most up to date information in the prenatal nutrition space. As a certified diabetes educator, Lily is also able to help women who are in fear of the dreaded glucose tolerance test. (She also spot at our 2019 BIRTHFIT Summit!)
  • Eats on Feets is an excellent resource for community based breastmilk sharing as well as evidence based research on how to donate, receive, store, and handle breastmilk. There are local chapters of Eats on Feets across the world to help you be able to share breastmilk with others.
  • Human Milk for Human Babies is a volunteer-only network of community pages also dedicated to breastmilk sharing. They also have local chapters that can be found on Facebook.
  • Dr. Aviva Romm is a physician, midwife, and herbalist who provides a ton of insight for mothers who want the healthiest best birth possible and also want to balance their hormones during the Motherhood Transition. She shares her take on c-sections, vaginal seeding, and the use of herbs during pregnancy.
  • KellyMom is a website dedicated to evidenced based information on breastfeeding and parenting. She discusses everything from nutrition during pregnancy, for premature babies, and even how to handle growth spurts from the lens of an IBCLC.



  • BIRTHFIT Webinars are another excellent resource for hearing from other people who are also embracing a growth mindset. Check out the BIRTHFIT Webinar where Kasey Fulwider shares about Body Image.
  • A Simple Exercise to Take You Toward Your Highest Self is a great post explaining how to identify your core values which help bring you to a higher version of yourself.
  • BIRTHFIT Podcast: Summit Series Featuring Rachel Tenpenny & Infant Loss Plan is the podcast version of what Rachel Tenpenny shared with us at the BIRTHFIT Summit around the loss of her twin baby girls and how we can support parents who experience infant loss and/or miscarriage.
  • Teamotions Tea is a great gift for anyone who loves tea and needs emotional support. Teamotions is tea blended with adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogens are proven to fight stress, prevent and reduce illness, and help the body maintain balance and strength. (The company was founded by Rachel Tenpenny!)
  • The AfterBirth Plan Workshop is a great way to support new parents for what life looks like after birth. The Motherhood Transition can be difficult for both parents, and this workshop helps you determine how to handle that stress and how to identify and prevent perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Alyssa Berlin was also at our BIRTHFIT Summit last year to share her wisdom with our BIRTHFIT Leaders!
  • Expectful is a guided meditation app for pregnancy, fertility, and the motherhood transition. They have meditations for everyone! From couples meditations to walking meditations, this is a great way to train your mind for the motherhood transition. Check out the podcast episode to learn more!
  • Evidence Based Birth is a plethora of resources for the expecting parent. Whether you have questions about natural induction, pain management, whether or not to do the Vitamin K shot, waterbirth, breech versions: Evidence Based Birth will have plenty of resources backed up with research, to help you make the most empowered decision for your family.
  • Dr. Kelly Brogan is a holistic women’s health psychiatrist and author of the book A Mind of Your Own outlining the truth about depression in women and how to use your lifestyle to change heal your body. She talks about postpartum depression, breastfeeding, detox, drug side effects, and gut health and your mood. Dr. Brogan is definitely a warrior for truth in the arena of women’s mental health.



  • Movement and Mindset with Lindsey every morning at 8:30am CST, join us on IG and FB Live!
  • Dr. Lindsey Matthew explains the importance and implementation of the Connection Pillar in the BIRTHFIT Podcast Episode 34.
  • 3 Simple Ways To Support Your Expecting BIRTHFIT Partner are ways to incorporate connection into your family while supporting a birthing mom on her journey.
  • Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy: A Quintessential Connection is a great blog post explaining how chiropractic care can help your pregnancy by connecting your body with your baby in the dance we call birth.
  • International Chiropractic Pediatric Association is an organization that certifies chiropractors to specialize in pediatric and prenatal care as well as Webster Technique. All of our BIRTHFIT Professional chiropractors are Webster certified and members of the ICPA. However, if there is not a BIRTHFIT chiropractor near you, you can find a Webster certified doctor on this website. The ICPA also conducts Chiropractic Research and Wellness Research and has categories of different topics including birth trauma, Webster Technique, pregnancy and chiropractic, baby wearing, and much more!
  • Nicole Jardim, “The Period Girl” is a great coach for helping women reclaim their hormonal health while balancing their period through her guided programs to help you along each step of the way. She will also be speaking at the BIRTHFIT Summit!
  • Dr. Jolene Brighten practices root-cause women’s medicine. She is an expert in post-birth control syndrome and helping women achieve balance in their body after being on hormonal birth control. She talks all things hormone balance, pregnancy and women’s health in her blog.
  • Pumpspotting as seen (and heard) on the BIRTHFIT Podcast is a way for moms to connect, learn and share with other nursing moms. Find the best place to pump or nurse, read articles and how tos, and chat with other nursing and pumping moms who understand your struggles.
  • Dr. Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor leading the change for better periods. Whether you have PCOS, endometriosis, missing periods or are on birth control, Dr. Briden can help you navigate how to manage it.
  • Black Women Birthing Justice is the movement behind the book “Battling Over Birth: Black Women and the Maternal Health-Care Crisis”. They are committed to empower women of color through education and awareness.


Want to join the BIRTHFIT Leader Community? All of April we are offering 30% off our Coach Education Course so we can keep sharing the BIRTHFIT our Pillars with you and the rest of the world.

There are so many great resources for moms out daily that are being updated and improving. I hope that this list gets you started on a more empowered journey as you transition through motherhood.


Dr. Whitley Jagnanan, D.C., B.S.

BIRTHFIT Houston Heights @vital_houston



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