BIRTHFIT Online Prenatal Training

BIRTHFIT Online Prenatal Training

Birth is an ATHLETIC event. Delivering a baby takes strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance to name a few physical skills. If I signed up for a marathon, the first thing I would do is search for a training schedule. I would start planning right away. I would not run that race without preparing. Why should birth be treated differently?

The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Online Training is week by week preparation before the big day of baby’s arrival. There is intention in the programming. Every movement and exercise, mentally and physically, has a purpose in training for birth. It doesn’t need to be modified for a pregnant woman because the program was written for pregnancy. I attribute feeling great and moving well with purpose until my delivery at 40 weeks and 2 days to the BIRTHFIT Prenatal Online Program.

As I trained physically, I was training mentally. If fear crept in, I would dismiss it with mantras or positive self-talk. This was a beneficial practice to carry into the day I delivered, and currently in postpartum!  On days I felt less motivated I would catch myself thinking, I am not just going to quit in the middle of birth… keep going… you got this. I would think about my repetitions being like pushes or contractions. I trained independently, usually with my gym community surrounding me doing their thing. I would remind myself how cool it was to have this time with my baby before she even arrived. I was creating connection with her in a way I never thought about with my previous pregnancies. Connecting my body through movement to my mind and soul was powerful; practicing this for months was empowering.

I knew it was important to keep moving, and BIRTHFIT helped me move with purpose. I was unsure of what a natural birth would feel like, and BIRTHFIT gave me confidence in my body’s ability. I was supported by my husband, and BIRTHFIT gave us the tools to build our birth team. I was eager to meet my babe, and BIRTHFIT helped me feel content and allow her to come on her time. I had a vision for my birth, and BIRTHFIT helped me accomplish the most empowering event of my life. There was no medal. This athletic event ended with the sweetest reward, our BIRTHFIT baby girl.


Jess Brown




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