To be present in the moment, open to growth, grateful, and to welcome the Parenthood Transition with an open heart.

In the BIRTHFIT Community, we know that what’s going on between your ears is just as important as what’s growing inside your uterus. Use these resources to build your mindset foundation for the journey ahead:


Ties That Bind

With a baby carrier, a backpack, a jogger, or just two strong arms, there are many ways to do things you love *with* your little one. These shared experiences will shape both of you.


The Power of Planting

An enjoyable afternoon setting up this little garden with my husband has turned into a full season of joy, mindfulness, functional movement, and nourishment.


We All Feel Lots of Things

NEWSFLASH: we all feel things.


Postpartum: The Gift of Rebuilding

Melissa Hemphill recounts lessons learned from her postpartum seasons.


The Angel Effect

Supporting and loving a soul as it travels into the unknown.


5 Steps for Creating a Tranquil Birth Environment

See, hear, touch, taste, and smell your way to the greatest birth experience possible.


I am 1 in 5: Being in Limbo

The fact is, even though miscarriage is extremely common, many women don’t want to or don’t feel like they can talk about it in any amount of detail.


Self Doubt

You CAN do this, but it’s much harder when you’re surrounded with communication from yourself and those near you that says you can’t, or shouldn’t do it the way you want to.


Are you ready to start a meditation practice?

Expectful is guided meditation for your fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood journey. Use your mind to give your baby the best start in life. Learn online, when you want, wherever you are, in just 10 minutes a day.



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