Training Cycle

What is Training Cycle? 


Training Cycle is a strength and conditioning training program based on a 28 day menstrual cycle created by yours truly. My intention was to apply feminine energy to an otherwise masculine dominated world of strength and conditioning training. After months of trial and error I had the foundation and I then enrolled the help of BIRTHFIT Coach Leah Barto to assist with programming. 


We designed this training program based on the need and desire to have strength and conditioning training that respected and honored our menstrual cycle and the natural rhythms of life. We like training hard and efficiently, AND we also have a strong desire to respect our menstrual cycle. The Training Cycle takes into account when to lift heavy, attempt heavy singles, just grind, or work on quality work throughout our cycle. Training Cycle embraces multiple planes of motion, different energy systems, and an awareness of our nervous systems. 


We are not designed to go 100% all day every day. We are cyclical beings. Our menstrual cycle governs flow in information and creativity as well as fluids. We are designed to flow and embrace the seasons of life. We are designed to have dark and light periods. We are designed to contract and release and expand and repeat. Our menstrual cycle actually gives us permission each month to go inward and reflect. 


If you do not have a menstrual cycle, we encourage you to tune in to the lunar cycle as this influences tides and oceans on earth (for more information dive into the work of Jennifer Racioppi). When we are in tune with our natural rhythm and the ebb and flow of life, a deep knowing will flow right through us. 


We hope that after three months of training with us, you feel more in touch with your own cycle and the natural rhythms of life. 


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Dr. Lindsey Mathews, D.C. 

BIRTHFIT Founder and CEO 




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