BIRTHFIT Growth and Changes

We have spent the last year restructuring from the top down and inside out, so that we remain in alignment with our values as we expand and grow the BIRTHFIT movement! 


I want to share a little bit of backstory with you.


As the CEO and Founder of BIRTHFIT, the magnitude of BIRTHFIT truly hit me when we completed our first year of seminars. At the beginning of 2017, we launched our BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar and our BIRTHFIT Professional Seminar. Our intentions were to give coaches and professionals the tools to meet a birthing person where they are and support them in their journeys while at the same time uniting a variety of professions with the common goal to serve the motherhood and parenthood transition. 


Holy Hell! I could not be more proud of our BIRTHFIT Coach and Professional staff and everyone involved in BIRTHFIT. Not only did they trust me and my vision but they delivered the BIRTHFIT message from the wisdom of their heart and soul every single time. The magnitude hit me when I was at a seminar in Venice listening in the back of the room to hear Mel Hemphill (mom of 4) not only drop biology knowledge bombs but get completely vulnerable with the audience about the realness of motherhood, miscarriage, and marriage all after working a 40 plus hour work as a Captain in the Air Force. In Dallas, it hit me again as I sat listening in the back of a seminar to Erica Boland sharing her different postpartum healing periods, with gigantic tears of strength in her eyeballs, demanding that professionals unite to be better. Again, it hit me as I observed Brittany Anderson (mom of 2) and Jess Brown (mom of 3) evolve into such grounded, compassionate public speakers. Not because they love public speaking but because in their hearts, their mission with BIRTHFIT is bigger than their fear of public speaking. The magnitude nudged me every time Lindsay Mumma (mom of 2) would fly to teach a seminar because frankly traveling is not a priority of hers right now, but she is one of the most honest, kindest, brilliant people I know and wants every birthing person to feel supported like she did in each of her births. Every single BIRTHFIT Coach and Professional staff member has invested so much in the last three years. Thank you to each of you that helped to make the BIRTHFIT seminars happen over the last three years and for leading a BIRTHFIT experience each and every time. 


I cannot tell you the number of snail mail cards, emails, and DMs that I’ve received over the last three years, since we began spreading our wings, of people sharing how BIRTHFIT shifted their lives for the better. I remember countless messages from women sharing how their pregnancy #2 or #3 or #4 was night and day different from the first one or two. Early on, I remember one card from a mama that had a VBAC after 3 cesareans. Hell ya mama! I remember an anonymous card from a mama after she experienced an infant loss and her BIRTHFIT Regional Director had shared the Infant Loss Plan with her to download. We are with you! From the beginning, I started receiving emails that stated, “I used this mantra” as I breathed through labor or, “This phrase was on my bathroom mirror”. There was the kindest gratitude package from a stunt woman that recovered from a cesarean and was back on feature films again running, jumping, and fighting within twelve months. We still receive an enormous amount of messages stating how the BIRTHFIT programming is the only thing that worked for people to feel at home in their bodies throughout pregnancy and postpartum. In fact, as I write this, I just received a DM on my personal IG from a mother in the southeast United States that just gave birth to baby #3 with a midwife I used to work with in Los Angeles. Holy CONNECTION!  This is all BIRTHFIT! 


To make a long story longer, I’ve done some deep diving into all things BIRTHFIT over the last two years. I’ve also done a lot of work on myself as the CEO. Something that kept coming up for me was my original intention for starting BIRTHFIT, which was to be a purpose driven business so that we make shift happen. Within BIRTHFIT, we’ve reached a place where adjustments needed to be made for this BIRTHFIT movement, which we are all so passionate about, to be sustainable for not only me and those that work directly with BIRTHFIT, but for everyone single human within our community. 


We made some big changes. Our intention is to remain in alignment with our values (growth, intention, and compassion) and objectives (education, advocacy, and connection) as we expand and grow the BIRTHFIT movement! 


One of our company values is growth. Growth is uncomfortable. Yet, every successful business has had to learn to take feedback and adapt so that they continue to grow. This is a continual process, and it’s never complete. We’ve asked for a ton of feedback from our Regional Directors, Coaches, Professionals, and greater BIRTHFIT community throughout the past several years. We have gained a lot of insight as the BIRTHFIT movement has organically grown since launching seminars. We’ve basically quadrupled in size each calendar year in the last three years: overflowing with goodness and bursting at the seams. BIRTHFIT needs to continue to evolve. We believe that every business that wants to be a lasting business needs to go through constant reflection processes so that adaptation continues. We thank each of you for answering surveys, emails, and giving us feedback. 


I’m stoked about the new structure changes, as this will offer many different levels to be involved with BIRTHFIT. I truly feel that these structural changes are the right thing to do so that BIRTHFIT may be more accessible and a bigger source of connection and support for people in the United States and the rest of the world.  You can be a supporter, a consumer, a leader, or all of the above. You can dip your toe in by listening to the podcasts and re-sharing or you can make a big splash by becoming a BIRTHFIT Leader and bringing BIRTHFIT classes to your community – from Portland, Maine, to Cologne, Germany, all the way over to St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia, and many more locations. It is totally your call. And we are here to support you! 


What did we do? 

Over the last year we shifted our internal structure of leaders from one that was a two-tier system (Regional Directors and Professionals/Coaches) to one that is a one-tier system. 

BIRTHFIT Leaders are BIRTHFIT Coaches and BIRTHFIT Professionals (and soon to be BIRTHFIT Yogis 🧘🏽‍♀️). BIRTHFIT Leaders have completed the BIRTHFIT Coach and/or BIRTHFIT Professional Education and have submitted their application requirements and have been approved to be BIRTHFIT Leaders.  


What do the BIRTHFIT Leaders do? 

BIRTHFIT Leaders teach and share BIRTHFIT to their communities. All BIRTHFIT Leaders will join our virtual BIRTHFIT Platform. The BIRTHFIT Platform is like a virtual gathering space for all BIRTHFIT Leaders and is constantly evolving.This is where all of our signature series and classes are available for purchase. The BIRTHFIT Platform is where a BIRTHFIT Leader can go to purchase a product – one or all of our BIRTHFIT Curriculum – and get training and support in how to teach each of the BIRTHFIT curriculum to their local community. 

We have been building this virtual gathering space for the last 12-18 months. We’ve already released version 1.0 with our current BIRTHFIT Leaders and the feedback has been so positive. We cannot wait for more of you to join! 


What’s happening with the BIRTHFIT Seminars? 

We are expanding our BIRTHFIT Coach and BIRTHFIT Professional Education to online. EXCITING! This means people all over the world will be able to take our educational courses and eventually share the BIRTHFIT Movement in their communities. Our BIRTHFIT newsletter recipients have already received early access (and a discount!), so if you’re interested, sign up here

Once you purchase the BIRTHFIT Coach Education or the BIRTHFIT Professional Education courses, you will have six months from your start date to complete the course. From the date of completion of your course, you will have sixty days to get your application submitted. 


So what does the new path to be a BIRTHFIT Leader look like? 

Step number one: look at our online requirements and recommended training. Then check out which Education would be better for YOU and learn more about the BIRTHFIT Coach Education or BIRTHFIT Professional Education. We have successfully launched the BIRTHFIT Coach Education HERE. Be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to get access to early launches, discounts, and more.

After completing the course, you’ll have the opportunity to apply to be a BIRTHFIT Leader, which gives you support from the BIRTHFIT Community and staff, ongoing education topics via newsletters and webinars, BIRTHFIT branded marketing materials, and access to purchase the BIRTHFIT curriculum to share it in your community! 

Our restructuring means that many more of YOU will have the opportunity to be more involved and hands-on in the BIRTHFIT Movement!


I’m excited and honored for where this journey has taken me, and can’t wait to see what’s coming in the future!


Lindsey Mathews, DC



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