Who Is Your #1?

The motherhood transition is a magical time for women and their partners. This transition takes place from the time of conception to when baby has been 12 months earth side. During preconception and pregnancy many women strive for wellness, reading every blog and listening to every podcast to learn all there is about staying healthy to ensure that our babies are healthy too. Fast forward 40 weeks or so, and there is a brand new human in the mix. Depending on where a new parent is in their parenthood journey or who you speak with, will change the answer to today’s big question: Who is your #1?

This answer is different for everyone, and that is 100% okay!

Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to speak with a number of different women to discuss this question. Everyone’s answer and explanation are slightly different, but equally informative and empowering. Here are some of the paraphrased answers given by moms regarding who they think their #1 is.



Bringing a new human home brings a great deal of responsibility. Mainly keeping them fed, changed, burped, growing and sleeping, to name a few. With mom often being the primary source of nourishment, it makes it difficult to do much more than the above, let alone give anyone other than the baby attention in the early months. 



Relationships prior to having a baby can be some of the strongest and easiest. New parents are often unsure how this tiny human is going to affect their already amazing dynamic. Women mention scheduling date nights or spending intentional time together once baby is asleep to help keep their relationship vibrant. Spending time together as a couple can also be beneficial for partners as they go through their own unique postpartum period. The couples who have put each other ahead of baby are not selfish, but are preparing for a life filled with respect, encouragement and understanding while their child grows and matures. 



Mom is often exhausted, anxious, and overwhelmed following the birth of a child, making it difficult for her to think about anything or anyone other than the new life she is responsible for. Mom has been born into a brand new body, just as her baby has. This can be overlooked in Western culture as women often feel pressure to “get their pre-baby body back”. Acts of self-love and alone time can be extremely beneficial for a new mother’s mindset, healing, and recovery. It is not selfish to put yourself first, but invigorating as you grow into your new and beautiful postpartum body and mind. 


Some women experience changing #1 priorities – their #1 changes from day to day, week to week, etc. Regardless of who makes the top spot on your list today, know that your choice is valid and you are supported. Take a few moments to determine who your #1 priority is right now; this can serve as an opportunity for women and partners to gain reassurance and empowerment no matter who their #1 is. Your new family is exactly that – NEW. It can take time for mom, partner, and baby to adjust.


If you are seeking guidance or help in the motherhood transition, please find a BIRTHFIT Regional Director, Professional, or Coach near you!


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