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Joanne walked into my office during her second trimester with her first child. She was a vibrant, funny, and determined soon-to-be new mom who couldn’t wait to bring a life into this world.


Joanne initially presented to my office with the common musculoskeletal complaint of pregnancy-related hip pain. She also mentioned that for as long as she could remember, she has had poor hip mobility. She was unsure of the last time she was able to sit on the floor with her legs crossed. She was looking for some pain relief and improvement in mobility, but soon learned that chiropractic care during her pregnancy was going to play a much bigger role.


Her reasoning for a natural birth was a very interesting one: as a child, Joanne was diagnosed with severe scoliosis that later would become fully fused with stainless steel surgical devices called Harrington Rods. Her spine was fused from T1 to L4 at the age of 13. Due to this spinal fusion, an epidural was out of the question. Therefore, from day one, she knew the importance of having her baby head down and in the best possible position for birth. If the baby needed to be delivered via cesarean, Joanne would have to be put under anesthesia; something she was determined to avoid, as long as she and her baby were healthy.


This is where our connection began. My goal was to help with pain reduction, increase hip mobility, train to her squat with proper mechanics, and keep her pelvis mobile for birth!


Following an incredible 16 hours of laboring at home, Joanne and her husband made their way to Highland Hospital in Rochester, NY, where she was determined and excited to have a natural birth with the help of her incredible midwife and medical staff. She was ready and THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED! On August 28,  2016, she and her husband welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Ezra.


Although the four pillars of BIRTHFIT were a foreign concept to us at the time, Joanne truly embraced all of them and educated me throughout her motherhood transition. She participated in prenatal strength training classes weekly (right up to 3 days before birth), fueled her body effectively, was adjusted regularly, did yoga, and had a goal she locked onto and achieved.


Today, Joanne is 23 weeks pregnant with her second child and can’t wait to bring her BIRTHFIT babe earth-side!


Sarah Tirimacco, DC

@birthfit_rochester_ny BIRTHFIT Rochester NY


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