Breaking Up is Hard to Do – How to Change to a New Provider During Pregnancy

So you’ve decided it’s time to break it off with your current OB GYN/Midwife in search of a better fit.  Now what? How do you best handle the transition to a new provider during pregnancy without anxiety or guilt?


First things first, you need to make sure you know who you are switching to.  Take time to reflect and make note of what specifically you are looking for in a new provider.  Once you have an idea, ask friends, family, your tribe, and the rest of your birth team (acupuncturist, chiropractor, doula, etc.) for recommendations.  See your new provider at least once. Once you get a good feeling about them, it’s time to make your new relationship official and break it off with your old provider.


The reality is, if you are uncomfortable with the confrontation, you don’t have to do anything other than call the front desk and ask them to transfer your records.  It’s likely they won’t even ask you follow up questions, but if they do ask you why you are switching, you can choose to give feedback to help the practice improve. Remember, you don’t have to give a reason if you prefer to abstain from comment.


If you are willing to have an in person conversation, either schedule a consultation appointment to chat, or wait until your next regular check-up.  When you see your provider, be direct and specific so he/she knows what the issues are. This conversation is an opportunity for closure and growth; honesty is the best policy.  Let them know you are grateful for their service but there are certain things that aren’t working for you.


If you can’t get in to talk to your provider directly, consider sending them a thoughtful email.  


Keep in mind that whether you are just getting routine check-ups, trying to conceive, have been seeing the same OB since you were 13, are 39 weeks pregnant, or are even in labor, it’s never too late to switch from an OB/Midwife who is not in alignment with your desired birth experience.


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