#MomCrushMonday Queen In Training: Meet Jess

Jess is one of the strongest women I’ve ever had the honor of knowing. She gave birth to her beautiful daughter Emmeline in February, and on that day, she redefined my meaning of strength.  I have known many strong women, but not like this; not like Jess. 

Leading up to the birth, Jess lived the four pillars of BIRTHFIT. She participated in the BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series and explored all of her options, deciding to pursue a natural birth at a local birthing center. She practiced mindset and breath, worked on visualizing the birth she desired, adopted positive affirmations to implement in her daily routine, and mentally prepared to face all of the possible situations that could come her way.

Jess physically prepared as well. She practiced her Functional Progressions daily and trained with the goal of preparing for birth. Her nutrition was on point as she ate healthy, whole foods, took high quality prenatal vitamins, and focused on nourishing her body and her baby. She didn’t focus on the scale; she focused on how she felt. 

Jess followed the advice and recommendations of her midwives. She routinely sought out chiropractic care and had regular prenatal massage. Jess developed and cultivated her tribe, which I was very fortunate to be part of as her doula (in training!).  She surrounded herself with support. 

Jess was ready.  

I won’t share the details of Emmaline’s birth story – that is not mine to share.  But I will tell you this: I was absolutely floored by the grace and strength Jess exhibited that day. It was truly amazing to behold. I thought I understood what it meant to be strong, both physically and mentally, as I am surrounded by strong people, personalities, and minds on a daily basis.  On any day prior to Emme entering the world, if you had asked me to name the strongest people I know, chances are I would not have included Jess on that list. That was before.

After witnessing Jess bring sweet Emme into the world, my perspective shifted.  I was in awe of the way she labored and never let doubt creep into her mind. She had such faith and confidence in her body.  She was the definition of strength.

Jess has continued to live the four pillars of BIRTHFIT in postpartum. She participated in the BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series eight weeks after delivering Emmeline. She has been slow and deliberate in her recovery. There is so much pressure placed on new mothers to recover, to get back to work, to lose weight and get in shape.  Once again, Jess has handled this transition with grace, confidence, and a quiet strength. If you ask me today to name the strongest person I know, I will without hesitation mention Jess.

I am so honored to have been part of this journey with you, Jess.  Thank you for helping me understand what it truly means to be strong.  


Kasey Fulwider

BIRTHFIT Nova Regional Director @birthfitnova


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