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Jennifer’s Personal Story 

Jennifer Racioppi: [00:01:55] Aww Thank you so much. How are all the magical vaginas?

Can you guys hear me OK. OK. So thank you for that introduction and thank you for that wonderful presentation and that end on magic vaginas. I just think that the more we say that the more it becomes real. So what a powerful affirmation. And I’m here today to talk about the connection between the moon and your practices as professionals and your lives as moms. I’m here today to talk to you about what I call the Rhythm of Success. But before we go into that can you guys see these slides? OK. Well we’re going to go back to the opening: successes and races and rhythm then we’ll come on in. So my story begins probably like a lot of women on the healing journey, not believing in the magic of my vagina. As a matter of fact as a young girl I was really looking forward to my coming of age and getting my period and was really fascinated by all this. And when it actually happened when I actually hit menses I had a completely opposite experience, can anyone relate? You know the moment that you become a woman it wasn’t full of this like birthing “I’m so excited. Look at me”. I wanted to shrink. I wanted to hide. I couldn’t even tell my mom. I put a note under the door and like ran. And that was a beginning of my experience which brought me to my work today. So throughout my teenage years I had really horrific periods I had really horrific hormonal cycles hormonal rhythms. Nothing felt in sync. I’d have really long periods sometimes periods that lasted 28 days and then I would have two days no period and then I would just be cycling again. Sometimes they were so heavy, often times they were so heavy I couldn’t make it through my school day. So I’d have to go home. I couldn’t play my sport so I was a three season athlete and my coach would have to pull me. So I naturally spent a lot of time going to the doctor. “What the fuck is wrong?” You know that wasn’t my language I was a teenager but that was my sentiment. I was depressed very depressed. Big mood swings and I was an overachiever at the same time. So straight-A student all the honors and just pushing and pushing and pushing and every doctor I went to see told me I was a normal teenager with hormonal imbalances that would be rectified by the pill. The pill and Zoloft so they would put me on one version of the pill I’d come back and say “Well I still don’t feel better I’m still feeling depressed. The periods aren’t getting any better.” So they would say “Hey, try this next version of the pill” and I would try it and it didn’t really work out and it got pretty bad. By the time I had graduated high school I had a protrusion out of my left side which I didn’t really understand what it was. I thought that I had just gained weight from taking spring track off and I thought that this was what it was like to add a few pounds to my body so I didn’t really know what–much to think of it. And it was July 1997. I had spent the day at the beach and was skateboarding home. I was dog sitting a friend–for a friend who is out of the country and it was really hot and I came home to take care Khoda, the dog, and was sitting on the bed and out of nowhere felt the most horrific pain I’d ever felt in my entire life fell to the floor crawled to the phone dialed 9 1 1 got myself a fast ambulance to the hospital and within eight hours learned that I had had a tumour the size of a bowling ball erupting in my left ovary so we had emergency surgery and I got my first cancer diagnosis. I was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer which was shocking because I had gone to the doctors. I was adamant about my health. But as we all know Stage 1 ovarian cancer is actually really hard cancer to detect. So I was scheduled for chemo, went for some additional pathology reports, and only later found out that it was a contested diagnosis. So it was a diagnosis that was rescinded and I was given another exploratory surgery to make sure that there was no cancer that spread anywhere. And was put back on the birth control pill. Went to college and had my freshman year. Well I still had irregular periods and was still very depressed and I thought the answer would be to change schools. So I did everything I could to get into a new college get a scholarship. It was the end of August. I was ready to roll, went to the Doctor one last time, feet in stirrups, wand inside the magical vagina and I was told something was suspicious. Second biopsy, another cancer diagnosis. This time endometrium and the suggestion the only suggestion that was given to me at the time was a radical hysterectomy. I went to another doctor for another opinion and everything was conclusive. They–it was there were–looking back now there were a lot of options that weren’t brought to the table at that time in 1998, as a 19 year old woman, I wasn’t aware of those choices and I had the radical hysterectomy. So here I am a 19 year old woman no ovaries, no uterus, no fallopian tubes, no cervix, and now I’m put on one point two five milligrams of Premarin, which is conjugated horse hormones, and told “Have a beautiful life. You’re going to take this everyday until you’re 50. We caught the cancer. Go off and enjoy your life. No need for chemo” And that was how menopause was explained to me as a 19 year old woman. So I just want to let that sit for a moment. You guys are here as birth professionals handling the amazing process of bringing new life into the world. I’m talking to you 20 years post menopause from a completely different perspective in terms of choices that we no longer have when things go way wrong. My entrance into menopause was uninitiated, unexplained, and piggy backed off of 12 years of hell. Seven years of hell. And much to Deb Kern’s lecture this morning I went with a vata inbalanced, way vata inbalanced. I had panic attacks, anxiety episodes, I ended up dropping out of college and knew in my heart and my soul that the only way that I was going to heal is if I took 100 percent ownership of my life. If I found the–I actually went out and found chiropractic care, went off and found green juice, started yoga, started meditation. This was the 90s. There were no summits like this. There was no willing good in my body green there were very few places for me to go for answers, so I just took off with a backpack and traveled pounding down doors trying to find a way to feel better. A deeper layer of the story is that I actually had a really dysfunctional relationship with my mom and my mom had a really dysfunctional relationship with her mom and I don’t know my great great grandmother or the stories, but I’m going to imagine that my grandmother had a really dysfunctional relationship with her mom and as a child when I was– or a teenager when I was having these really horrible periods, I would actually pray over my stomach that it would go away. I would like bend forward and I saw my existence as a woman as a curse.

Anyone here ever had that experience where you don’t feel safe in your body or you’ve experienced being a woman as a danger?

I grew up in a patriarchal Italian family. Women were not honored in the way that the men were. My grandmother had a role that was subservient to my grandfather. My mother divorced my father because she didn’t want that role, but she never quite got the healing tools and went down the path of addiction. Now here I am thankfully blessed with some angels because I don’t know where I got this guidance from. Truly do not know where I got this guidance from and just knew that I had to take a step back from the family dynamic and not just heal anxiety, not just heal depression, but actually had to heal the shame and the pain that was transgenerational and I bring this up because as birthing professionals and as women and women’s health movement it’s so easy to talk about taking out gluten, it’s so easy to talk about getting our exercise in check, it’s so easy to talk about our alternative care practices, and in my experience my cancer while it could be explained for multiple reasons. I’m pretty sure came from my deep seated distrust of my body with a lot of toxic situations on top of it potentially environmental and potentially genetic as well because I have explored that too. But if we’re not getting to the root core if we’re not going deep enough into the stories that live in our bodies. In my opinion we’re not going deep enough. So fast forward I leave home with a backpack, five hundred dollars, take a leave of absence from college, moved to San Diego. Sunny San Diego. Any Southern Californians here? Yeah. Thank God for San Diego. San Diego was like a warm salty hug that wrapped its body around me at one of my most crucial dying times and I did all the green juices and I went to all the healers and I got a tarot card reading everything I could and I still feel great. I was having issues so I thought well the beach didn’t do it, the mountains would and I moved to Lake Tahoe to become a ski instructor. And there was something so magical about being able to just ski. Just to be in my body to just really be in that experience of living a truly physical and athletic life. And at the end of that ski season I was still saddled with the same questions: Where am I going and what am I doing?

It was a vacation not a not a solution.

And I just by serendipity found myself in a metaphysical bookstore and I notice that there was a woman in the back corner. She was short with a felt hat and some really big earrings and she was doing spreads, tarot spreads so I thought What the hell I’ll go sit down with her. And she did my cards and within like 15 minutes she had like nailed me. She’s like “I see this path where there was a lot of pain and you could go back to it right and she goes and it doesn’t look good because where you come from isn’t great. And she’s like there could be more illness”. She’s like “And then I see this other path that you can go on where you actually heal. Well you have to prioritize your desires and she says and you have to get right with being a woman”. And I was like “What?”. Now imagine me tomboy trucker hat blocked off. And I’m like “Get Right with being a woman?”, She’s like “Yeah. There’s something in your generation in your lineage where you actually haven’t come to understand what it means to have feminine cycles” and I was just like “This woman already blowing my mind I don’t know what to do”. But she continues on to tell me about the moon and that there are rhythms with the moon that match the feminine rhythms of our body. And if I was to learn to cycle with a moon a lot of my problems would be resolved. So I’ve scaled all the Ivy League walls to find the best doctors I could. I’ve taken my health in my own hands at this point. I’ve learned yoga meditation was seeing an ayurvedic practitioner. I had done everything I had yet to hear about this moon thing. So I was intrigued. She invited me to a sweat lodge at our house. I went,, had an amazing experience and then she mentored me and she took me under her wing to teach me about the four phases of the moon. Now I say this to you just to give you a background on how I come to this work and I think that it’s really important to understand that our bodies hold stories and our ability to find health in any stages preconception, pregnancy, you know after our baby is born and to the entire life cycle of a woman you know through her menopause journey is that the epigenetics the stress that’s been passed down from generation to generation live in a woman’s body and that we can address this from a mind-body-spirit perspective and that the moon, which I’m going to segway into, is this perfect rhythm of osillation and cyclicalness but where we can not just get in sync with our business, not just get in sync with what we need from a work perspective, but do the deep soul work.

The Lunar Rhythms

So working with lunar rhythms is what I’m here to talk about. There are four distinct lunar phases and then we can break them into even more sub sections. Before I go any further is there any questions anything on your heart mind and soul? So the new moon. The new moon is the time of the lunar cycle when there is no moon in the sky. It’s when the sun and the moon align at the same degree in the sky. We will have one on Thursday June–no Wednesday June 13th at 22 degrees of Gemini and it’s when the sun and the moon are known in astrology as they come become conjoined it’s conjunction and the masculine qualities of the sun align with the feminine qualities of the moon. Or to put it in a non hetero normative terminology. The yang qualities of the sun merged with the yin qualities of the moon and they blend in a way where it becomes a new beginning, a new rhythm. So Debbie, my tarot healer from Tuhoe, taught me how to start to plant desires with a new moon. So at this point in my life I was like well if I’m going to choose this path of desire I need money. So we worked on manifestation of physical resources to support this life that was very emancipated from my parents as I did my own healing. So the new moon is the beginning of the cycle and it’s the time to set intentions.


Relating to our Menstrual Cycle

If we compare it to the female menstrual cycle, this would be when the woman has her bleed. That time in your cycle when you’re a little bit more yin you require a little bit less external stimulus and it’s an invitation to come home to your authentic heart, soul, true desires. So then the moon begins to wax so the moon in the sun do this dance and the moon is–I’ve never meant anything more consistent than the moon. Seriously for 20 years I’ve been tracking the phases of the moon and the moon has never missed a new it’s never missed a waxing it’s never missed a full. So within a few days after the new moon we’ll start to see that crescent in the sky and that’s known as the waxing crescent moon. And the moon waxes between the new phase all the way up to the full phase and but the first waxing Crescent phase is the first few days after the new moon and it’s a time of ramping up. So if we were to put this in the metaphor of the female hormonal cycle which is exact to the moon cycle. Do you guys know that? The four phases of the menstrual cycle match the four phases of the moon cycle. We are now in the follicular phase where there’s a ramp up of hormones that make us a little bit more assertive, a little bit more courageous able to do slightly more complicated things that require courage to get up and get out into the world and that’s the waxing phase is a time of build and it’s a time of growth. And then we had the full which I like to think of the full moon as a big flashlight, you know which is like shining down on the sky. And there are 12 zodiac signs I will go through them each time there’s a new moon there’s also a full moon in the opposite sign. So we just had the full moon in Sagittarius. We’re moving into the full moon in Capricorn. The sun’s in Gemini right now because the full moon is when the moon is opposite from the sun, but this is a great time to get out there. Embrace your opportunities see what you can create and ride that wave of courage is also a wonderful time to look at what needs to be healed. You know things come up at full moons that are important to recognise time to integrate the consciousness you’re moving into for the cycle. And then like clockwork, the moon begins to wane and the waning cycle I think is underestimated you know in this Instagram world and in blogosphere the new and the full moon get a ton of recognition. The waxing and waning phases are kind of like the stepsister’s of the new and the full moon but they are so important. So the waning phase is this time where we can release. We can do a lot of shedding. “What does that mean”? Well coming back to my story. You know I went on to not just follow the phases of the moon but do a lot of psychotherapy work holistically with ayurveda yoga. I mean I’ve turned a lot of stones looking for my cocktail of solution. But the waning moon phase has been this beautiful time where I could actually sit back and look at those transgenerational patterns of shame in my family and let them go. And when I say let them go, do actual ritual work. Burning things, cleaning things, I’m asking for forgiveness, granting forgiveness. Really working with the conscious patterns of resolving the conscious ways of resolving patterns that need resolution. If we’re going to do this work it’s not just about acquisition. It’s not just about getting out there and getting the next thing, getting to the next event stage, learning the next tool, getting to the next birth. We have to actually make space for wisdom to come in too. And we actually have to shed the patterns within ourselves that block our growth. So like I said the new moon is this time for seeding new beginnings. We all can kind of get around desire I hope. You know the waxing phases the growth and expansion of our hormones if we cycle with the moon or this expression that things are are building and then the full moon is this like peak moment. And then the waning phase is, I think, the most precious time of the whole month. And if we were to put this in the metaphor of the women’s hormonal cycle this is the ludial phase of her menses, of your menstrual cycle. This is the time when your hormones are actually decreasing. This is the time where you know if you haven’t gotten pregnant your magical uterus is getting ready to potentially get pregnant again next cycle. And there are things that happen in our right and left hemispheres when our hormones shift. We can hear the voice of our intuition a little bit more clearly we may even start to see things in our life that don’t necessarily align with what we need next in the western medicine terminology this is PMS. You know in the history of women’s studies this is hysterical lunatic behaviour, but in the genius of the women’s bodies that you serve and in your own bodies and in your daughters bodies this is psychic intuition. This is clear insight. This might even be a version of the primal brain, right? Like if we’re not in that ‘go get it’ aquisition part of ourselves and we can hear a little bit more truly what we want. There is an access point that’s really truly powerful from a mystical standpoint.

Now back to my story with my mom.

So here I am, a 19 year old woman launched into menopause way too soon. Reflecting on the relationship with my mom and the pain she must have felt in her life and the pain I felt in our relationship. By working consciously with this for years I’m happy to see my mom and I have a great relationship. She’s changed, my healing has granted her permission to follow her own healing path. And it’s not perfect. No mother-daughter relationship is, but it’s way different than it was 20 years ago. It’s way different than I was 10 years ago. So this is just a quick view. There’s actually an error here that should say “waning crescent and waxing crescent” but it’s just a nice little metaphor on how these things work. So my coaching philosophy is linear logic and I blend the empirical studies from positive psychology integrative wellness with the mystical rhythms of the cosmos in the moon and this last point here says it well I’ll just say the one above it. “It’s a way for you to research yourself internally and always with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve conscious success and conscious success is radically qualitatively different than conventional success”. Radically, qualitatively different than conventional success. We don’t want success that’s at the cost of our health. We don’t want success that’s at the cost of our well-being. We don’t want success that overrides the rhythms of our bodies and the senses of our soul. Who here wants that? Anyone? So this is a motto we’ve been taught that the formula for happiness is work hard, succeed, and then you’ll be happy. The sad thing is that we just saw two deaths this last week from some really successful people who’ve worked hard and succeeded and my heart still really tender just thinking about Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Really tender actually. And we just know that this isn’t true. And there’s a misconception that success leads to happiness. Actually we know this from studies of positive psychology success doesn’t lead to happiness, happiness leads to success. So there is an effective forecasting study done by Daniel Gilbert where he went to professors in the tenure experience so they were either going to get tenure or they weren’t. And he interviewed them and he asked them like “What’s going to happen if you get tenure? And they’re like “Well it’s gonna be great. Everything’s going to be great. I’m going to have consistency” or whatever it is they thought it was gonna give them. And they asked them “What’s going to happen if you don’t”. And they went to despair. “It’s going to be awful. I don’t know. But I’m not going to be okay”. And six months later he went back and talked to the same people who either got it or didn’t. And you want to know what the truth was? They actually were at the same baseline level of well-being that they were before the decision was made. So we can draw conclusions from these studies in positive psychology. This is one of many that success actually has very limited–there’s a peak. You know it’s like “Woohoo got the thing” you know and then you just go back to where you were. And I say this because as practitioners and even as parents you know I’m sure that you have dreams and goals and desires for your children. And it’s not actually the accomplishing of those dreams and goals and desires that make a difference to your long term sustainable happiness. It’s the process of becoming happier in the getting of the goal, right? So what does that mean? Well I’ll get to that in one moment. It means that we have to prioritize the feelings that go into the experience of acquisition. So working cyclically, working rhythmically, working with the phases of the moon, working with the phases of your body. Building in oscillatory actions that you actually enjoy that nurture recovery. So back to that waning moon phase. It’s a time of recovery and so often in our world we forget that we actually need to recover. Back to this slide. So the effective forecasting study by Daniel Gilbert what we learned is that we often miss ‘want’ we miss ‘want’. We don’t realize that what we think we want isn’t going to actually make us happy. And instead the positive emotions leading from our strengths, being a part of community such as this where you are seen, witnessed, heard and doing social work overtime have more cumulative benefits to your happiness thus your success than just grinding towards a goal that doesn’t matter. And I love this quote by William Daimon. He says “What does matter to happiness is engaging in something that the person finds absorbing,, challenging, compelling, especially when it makes a valued contribution to the world beyond itself”. So if we’re going to take radical action on behalf of our goals dreams and desires. If we’re going to prioritize the health and wellness of our bodies as we facilitate the health and wellness of our children’s and our clients, we have to let go of perfectionism. We really do. There is no perfect version of a mom. There’s no perfect version of a birth, there’s no perfect version of a business and the more that we cling to how things ought to be the more stress we actually have internally. So we’ve heard this echoed from many speakers today that success is actually just knowing who you are and being who you are. This quote by Warren Bennis whose an amazing leadership expert if you don’t know who he is. “Know thyself was the inscription of the Oracle at Delphi and it is still the most difficult task any of us faces. But until you truly know yourself strengths weaknesses know what you want to do and why you want to do it, you cannot exceed in any but the most superficial sense of the word”. So back to astrology. Why does astrology matter? Well astrology offers us a lot. Actually that moment you breathe in life, that moment your baby takes its first breath, the moment you took your first breath you’re actually breathing in the cosmos. In astrology we believe ‘as above so below’ in that we are all perfectly timed, right? So I get so many phone calls “Well if I have the birth in this way or if I have the birth in that way, does it matter for the birth chart”? Well. Actually there are obviously preferred methods of bringing a baby into the world, but the baby’s going to take its first breath at its perfect moment, no matter how the baby is delivered. But when we breathe in life we’re breathing in the cosmos. This last bullet here that the prenatal birthing and postnatal process matter, I can’t say that enough. Not to the actual birth chart, but in your birth chart I can basically see what what the conditions were around your birth. It’s actually shows up in your birth chart. And the first hundred days of your life, from an astrological perspective, are actually your first hundred years. You can see your entire life in the first hundred days of your life. So that fourth trimester, that time when moms are healing and babies are still being nurtured in a very intimate way is so critical and crucial for the long term success of that life as you guys know as birthing professionals. But it has to do with the progress chart. So in astrology there are 12 signs and I was going to go through them very quickly. The Zodiac starts with Aries, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by Mars and it’s the beginning. So it initiates spring. Then second sign of the zodiac is Taurus and Taurus does what Aries doesn’t do so all 12 signs are connected to one another. They are intricately linked. So Aries initiates, Taurus stabilizes. Does that make sense? Next up is Gemini’s it’s the season we’re in right now. It prepares us for a change in the season. So it comes right before the summer Equinox for those of us who live in the north and Gemini is about preparing us for change it’s an air sign. The subsequent sign is cancer. Cancer initiates us into summer or winter depending on the hemisphere you live in. And you know if Gemini prepares us for change, cancer launches us into it. So are there a lot of cancers in here out of curiosity? Yeah how about Aries? Taurus? Geminis? Yeah. So those first four signs of the zodiac get us going. And then we move into Leo and Leo’s about… Well if Cancer’s about nurturing and solidifying the growth we’ve had up till now in the year, Leo’s about being seen. It’s about play, it’s about leadership. Leos? Just a few. Interesting. Yeah. After Leo comes Virgo. Vergo is a consolidation of our energy and it’s very different than Leo. If Leo’s about play and expansion, Virgo’s about organization systemitation and health. So Virgos? Love Virgos of all of them. Libra comes after Virgo and Libra’s very much around balance and relationship. If Virgo’s about organize organizing and systematizing, Libra’s about bringing harmony within the relationship with each other and also justice. So Libras? Beautiful. And if Libra’s about balance and justice and harmony, Scorpio, the next sign’s about going deep. Like let’s get beneath and really get to the heart of what’s going on. So Scorpio’s typically are classified as taboo topic lovers so like sex, death, taxes I mean things you’re not supposed about. Scorpios? Beautiful and then Sagittarius has come in and they’re like light lets bring levity, let’s travel the world, let’s understand new religions and philosophies and take that darkness now and bring hope. So Sagittarius? So ‘Sag’. And then next up is Capricorn. So if Sagittarius are all about like let’s spread ideas and go big or go home, Capricorn’s like let’s get to work put our nose to the grindstone. Best practices so who are Capricorns? Beautiful. And then next up is Aquarius, so if Capricorns are about best in class practices getting things done ambition, drive, determination, Aquarius is about revolution evolution and change. They’re here to take the best of what was mash it up, Mix it up, do it different, and represent it to the world. So where are Aquarius? Beautiful. And then we end the Zodiac with Pisces and Pisces brings the entire rhythm together. Pisces is everything that ever was and then a lot of intuition and emotion on top of it. So Pisces is actually I think one of the more complicated signs of the zodiac because deep feelers because they’re actually Aries, Taurus, Gemini, the entire zodiac with now this intuition on top of it. So where are Pisces? You’re our empath’s and our healers. So to bring it to a close. I just wanna talk about the rhythm of success, what I learned in following the phases of the moon and prioritizing my healing is that number one: you have to prioritize your authentic desires. And how could you know your authentic desires if you’re not studying yourself, If you’re not working on your own healing journey, if you’re not getting to the core of what’s true you know we have societal expectations we have that old rhythm of success which is just “Do what they tell you and you’ll be happy”. But to really be in your power as a healer I was saying my clients we can only take people as far as we’ve gone ourselves. It requires understanding your own desires and knowing yourself. And I love this quote by Parker Palmer which just talks about “Authority is given to people who author their own actions”. Number two: choose your stress. There is stress in our lives that we can’t get out of. Truly. You know if someone dies, if we’re in crisis, if we’re in post-traumatic stress like I was after my abrupt entrance into menopause. I couldn’t get out of that right? That’s chronic stress and we can work with that, we can lean into that, we can heal that and then the stress of building a business, and then the stress of building our families. And it’s stress but a stress we want, right? And so often in the wellness world we hear like “Stress is the cause of all your problems, stress is the cause of your health issues, stress is leading to your early death. I just want to reframe that. Stress is actually helping us grow if we look at it from the right perspective. The upside of stress by Dr. Kelly McGonigal is a great book that helps reframe this and from a positive psychology standpoint we can lean into our stress in a way that helps us get to know ourselves and how it helps us have more of a positive impact on the world. And I just adore this quote by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who is the founder of flow, a positive psychology concept where he says the best moments in our lives are the moments were actually stretched beyond our capacities. Like birth, like growing our families, you know like putting on this conference. You know it takes you to your edge. Correct? Managing all the details. So I love– I just want to leave you with this one. This is what I want when you’re in your stress. Claim it. This is what I want. Know who you are. And be able to self validate. You know you’re gonna come up against a lot of voices. Doctors, traditional medicine people, clients who are gonna question your value and question your choices and to be able to self reflect and own your power in the process is really important. And I always say know your chart. Because your chart is a quick way to getting to the heart of who you are. Where we could see the family patterns that you were born into. We can see your purpose animated and we can use astrology in a really great way. I learned astrology through following the phases of the moon as it as a way to heal my menopausal journey and over time started following the rhythms and the flow of the other planets as well, but my astrology chart actually gave me a lot of guidance on how to heal. And then last but not least leverage, rhythmicity, and the cosmos. The Cosmos don’t just say “Hey it’s summer” all year long. You know our bodies are not just like “Hey it’s ovulation” everyday. Thank God. We’re just not in one season. Especially as we’re working as women for women. The male hormones are very different. They wake up, their testosterone rises, their cortisol spikes they go have their day. Then the other day comes their testosterone declines, their causal declines, and they go to bed. You know that’s not the female rhythm, the female rhythm is cyclical. Oh and I want to say that any stress you experience is fine if you give yourself adequate recovery time. So there are three types of rhythms speaking about feminine rhythms all trading rhythms. This is the rhythm that you know. You guys are ready for a break. You’ve been sitting in these chairs for a long time. That’s that rhythm that’s like “Hey I actually just need to get up every two hours or so to shift it”. The circadian rhythms is the 24 hour cycle that’s your cortisol cycle and then you’re infradian rhythm is the fourth phase of your menstrual cycle and seasonal and the lunar cycles’ an infradian rhythm too. So full engagement requires cultivating a dynamic balance between the expenditure of energy stress and the renewal of energy recovery in all dimensions. We call this rhythmic wave oscillation and it represents the fundamental pulse of life. It’s the lunar cycle in a nutshell. It’s your menstrual cycle in a nutshell. So I just want to leave you with these questions. 1. What’s your definition of success? You know what do you really want? What are you here for? So often when we’re building our practices and going out in the world with our mission and our drive to make a difference, we aren’t even clear what our ‘why’ is. And I’m sure you all in this room have a really distinct reason for being here and doing this, but let this drive your decisions every day. How can you work more productively with the cycles that guide your life? How can you honor seasonal lunar and menstrual rhythms even more? And How can you leverage astrology more in your business and in your life? It’s a great tool guys. They’re really a fabulous tool. And then how can you build more recovery into your day, week, and month? Thank you guys.



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