Mindful Training  for the Third Trimester

Working Out in the Third Trimester

Here we go, into the third trimester, you’re almost there! Soon you will get to meet your sweet baby you’ve been growing for the past 26 weeks.  As you and your baby continue to grow, maintaining functional movement is very important and valuable to prepare you both for birth. Heading into the third trimester, there are a few things to keep in mind as you train for birth:

  1. Intention is EVERYTHING! Yes, we (BIRTHFIT) have been telling you this all along. However, it is especially crucial to remain intentional with training during your third trimester.  Remember the WHY behind your workout and focus on your goals.
  2. Practice the BIRTHFIT Functional Progressions and breathing exercises daily!  
  3. Decrease training days.  If you have been training 4-5 days per week, it is now appropriate to train 3-4 days per week.  
  4. Incorporate more walking, yoga, mobility, and meditation into your routine.  
  5. Decrease load to approximately 50-70% while still meeting the intent of your workout.  
  6. SQUAT! At least twice per week. The squat should be used to maintain strength and increase range of motion. If you haven’t already, start box squatting. Both the traditional stance and sumo stance are great options!  
  7. As your pregnancy moves along there is an increase of the hormone relaxin. The effect of relaxin is relaxation of muscles and tendons, especially in the pelvis, in preparation for birth.  It is especially important to lift with clear intent and within the load recommendations in order to avoid injury during this time period.
  8. No Olympic Lifts: at this point, bar path is compromised due to that cute bump you have grown.  Instead of compromising all the hard work you have put into your snatch and clean & jerk, focus on accessory lifts and use dumbbells.  Snatch grip deadlift, snatch balance, dumbbell cleans and snatches are a few examples of exercises that can be used instead of the Olympic lifts.  Here is a video of DB clean & press. Check out BIRTHFIT’s Youtube channel to find various movement videos.
  9. Running is not ideal for the majority of women at this stage of pregnancy.  Walk, swim, or ride a stationary bike instead of running. There are exceptions to this rule – if you are able to maintain ideal biomechanics and still feel comfortable running, you can continue until you are no longer comfortable.  
  10. Do not train in the red zone or to a point where you will experience extreme soreness.  

One of the  biggest things to remember during this final stage of your pregnancy journey is to give yourself GRACE.  Your body is in the process of performing a miracle; pay attention to how you feel during this time. In the pressure of everyday life attempt to connect with your body and baby through your breath, often we don’t take the time to appreciate how amazing this process is.  Remind yourself to slow down, take a breath, and practice grace.

If you need help or guidance with movement throughout the rest of your pregnancy and into postpartum find a Regional Director or BIRTHFIT Coach in your area. If there is not someone close to you, you can get access to online prenatal training from BIRTHFIT here!

Enjoy the rest of your journey!

Kasey Fulwider

Regional Director BIRTHFIT Nova @birthfitnova

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