Tackling the Family Budget Mindfully

Money as Energy, Intentionally Spent

My husband and I recently watched the documentary Minimalism and I simultaneously started working to develop a different relationship with money.

After watching Minimalism, we began to purge our shit. It was truly eye opening to see the crap we were holding onto. I realized how many things were not only taking up our physical space but taking up our energy as well. When I cleaned out the junk drawer, my husband almost pulled it out off its track due to the weight it lost in the cleanse.

So far I have parted with garbage bags and totes FULL of things:things we don’t use and certainly don’t NEED. It felt so damn cleansing to get rid of it.

This process confirmed our commitment to buying experiences rather than items. Anything that took up our space, money, and energy would be on purpose.

If you are anything like me or most of society, you may feel a bit awkward in your relationship with money or not even present to the possibility of a relationship with money. You may wonder what that even means.

Think about it. Rather than educating children on a responsible physical and emotional relationship with money, they are told finances aren’t their business, shushed for asking questions about money, or hear adults pass judgment on those with financial freedom (likely out of their own discomfort). It is no wonder many of us grow as adults to feel a bit unworthy of financial freedom. And depending on your upbringing, that may be completely foreign to you. I recently read an article, Money Beliefs and the Energy that Surrounds Them. It explains different relationships with money but ultimately that money is what we allow it to be and is simply an exchange of energy. It is a piece of paper given a value and that value can mean whatever we allow it. Another MUST READ is Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass At Making Money. You have access to abundance. Do not limit yourself.

Why then, if I am no longer going to buy shit and I view my money as an exchange of energy would I do anything other than support other local businesses? I’m talking everything from the clothes I put on my body to the food I put in my mouth. And you know what feels really damn good? Supporting a local female entrepreneur. Get in contact with your local BIRTHFIT Regional Director, she likely knows several badass women growing their own businesses in your area!

Erica Boland, DC BIRTHFIT Professional Seminar Director BIRTHFIT Wisconsin RD @birthfitwisconsin  @emomdc
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