BIRTHFIT Summit 2018 Recap

(The alternate title of this blog was How to Cure Your BIRTHFIT Summit FOMO.)

We were in Austin, TX, for the annual BIRTHFIT Summit June 7-9.  This year was even more magical than years past, and had an overarching theme of going deep within in order to facilitate healing.

The BIRTHFIT Summit is an annual event that brings together all of our Regional Directors with some of our stellar BIRTHFIT Coaches and Professionals.

In addition to bringing these powerhouses together, we opened up the last day to the public for the first time, and were joined by friends from far and near who love BIRTHFIT.  On top of that, we were honored to learn from revolutionary leaders.  This year, our speakers started with Dr. Alyssa Berlin, who highlighted the importance of planning for the postpartum period before it arrives.  We rolled our way through healing with Jill Miller and her various Yoga Tune Up balls.  We heard from Rachel Tenpenny, who taught us that preparing for the worst case scenario and supporting families in their recovery from trauma or loss is incredibly difficult but endlessly important work.  (As a result of this collaboration, we now have an Infant Loss Plan that will be available soon.)

We learned to identify our own gifts and learn how to balance ourselves with Dr. Deb Kern.  From Dr. Elise DeCamp, we heard that healing can only truly happen when we fall in love with ourselves again (and then we gathered in the second best group hug ever).  We learned how to integrate breathing and functional stability with the creator of the Core360 Belt, Erin McGuire.

We heard the birth stories of Melissa Hemphill during her interview with Elizabeth Bachner on Friday for the Big Birth Junkie podcast, and then Elizabeth spoke to us again Saturday about the unique roles we each play in this world and in support of birthing mothers.  Then we ended the weekend learning of the importance of tapping into the lunar rhythms and our own selves from the powerful Jennifer Racioppi.


There are some incredible people that support the BIRTHFIT movement, and we are so grateful to those who showed up or sent love from afar.  I (Lindsay Mumma, BIRTHFIT COO) would like to personally thank a few more people who made this event happen.  First, Lindsey Mathews, the BIRTHFIT Founder and CEO: for turning a vision into a tangible movement. Kir and Bobby Danelski: for taking the reins and making the Summit a success.  Abi Glisson: for keeping us organized enough to even have a Summit (despite not being able to attend herself).  Taylor Gelbrich: for working sun-up to well after sundown to capture the essence of the Summit through videos and photos.  Ernesto Machete: for believing in BIRTHFIT since it was just a backyard movement and showing up to bring the content of our gatherings to the masses.  Thank you all.  You are appreciated and you are loved.

Until next year, Austin.


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