“…So is BIRTHFIT just fitness for pregnant women?” A question I get asked frequently when the topic of BIRTHFIT comes up. This is an opportunity for me to explain that BIRTHFIT is much (MUCH) more than fitness. One of the definitions for FIT is, “Prepared or ready.”

As a Regional Director, my focus is to help women and their partners feel prepared and ready for the Motherhood Transition, from preconception through postpartum. Feeling prepared is going to look different for each woman. How a woman chooses to birth and plan for her postpartum will vary.

To be mentally and physically fit takes action. I want to see women replace fears around birth and postpartum with excitement and eagerness. BIRTHFIT is not just fitness for pregnant women. BIRTHFIT is the path of preparation for the Motherhood Transition, which does include fitness.

Jess Brown

BIRTHFIT Logan @birthfit_logan
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