Dr. Poop

“OK, guys, be ready for a big poop later today.”

“Really?! That would be AMAZING!”

*later that day via text* “Wow, thanks for the warning – that was <insert smiling poop emojis here>!”

This is an actual exchange in my office about once per week. Generally it happens with the parents of a baby that I’ve just adjusted. Every so often, though, an adult will ask “Will this make me poop like my baby?” Well, maybe.

Image Source: http://universe-review.ca/I10-13-spinal.jpg

Let’s roll things back a bit: think back to our early anatomy classes. Pooping is controlled by our parasympathetic nervous system (the growth, health, restoration system), specifically the nerves from S2, S3, and S4. These are collectively known as the splanchnic nerve. These nerves exit the pelvis through a bone called the sacrum. When that area of your pelvis is adjusted by a chiropractor, it removes any interference to the nervous system communication, and allows information to flow more freely from spinal cord to rectum, and vice versa. When your body can communicate with itself effectively, things work effectively – i.e. the rectum clearing out after an adjustment. So, in effect, yes, sometimes you’ll go home and poop too!  

There are other factors at play well, in this whole poop game, of course. But, removing nerve interference (subluxations within the spine and pelvis), does truly help. Another thing that can help is proper positioning. Positioning?! Yes. As humans, we are not designed to sit to do everything. The puborectalis muscle is one of our main muscles of pooping. It’s main job is basically to place a kink in the rectum until the body is ready to poop. The puborectalis muscle is in its most relaxed state when the rectum is as straight up and down vertical as it can be, which happens by a person being in a squat position. Using a Squatty Potty* or yoga blocks near your toilet can help with this. Once you’re in that amazing position, the puborectalis muscle relaxes and things can open up!


*We’re not associated with Squatty Potty, but we dig them for sure!


Happy poop, y’all!



Dr. Jamie

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