A Nursing Mother’s Meditation

“Breastfeeding is an unsentimental metaphor for how love works, in a way. You don’t decide how much and how deeply to love — you respond to the beloved, and give with joy exactly as much as they want.” ~Marni Jackson

Take a breath, but don’t close your eyes.  With this breath, be present with your little one.  Look into her eyes and hold her little hand.

Take another breath.  Envision your milk passing from you to your little one.  Envision that this milk is a life force that is sustaining and nurturing her. Envision each particle, each antibody, each perfectly crafted drop, giving her life, and helping her grow.

Take a breath.  Realize that your breath, your heartbeat, and the warmth of your body are helping your little one to make sense of this world.  Know that she can feel you breathing and is regulating herself with your breath.

Take a breath.  As you look into her eyes, be present with how little she is.  Be present with how much she needs you right now, and be present with her strong connection to you.    

Take a breath.  Recognize that it can also be overwhelming to be a mother, to be a life force, and to be providing what your baby needs.  Be present with however you feel.

Take a breath.  Trust yourself.  Trust yourself to ask for help, trust yourself to make space, and trust yourself to meet your own needs so that you can meet the strong needs of your baby.

Take a breath.  Be present with the love you feel for your baby. Envision this love flowing into her, helping her to feel secure to experience this world. This love connects you now and it will connect you as she grows.  This love will be there once she has weaned and when she sleeps through the night. This love will be there during hard times, and good times. This love will be there as she explores independence during the teenage years, and as she ventures into adulthood. Know that whatever else changes, this love will stay the same.

By: Molly Hankins