Breathing is an Innate Skill


Take a deep breath.

Seems simple right? For many of us breath isn’t something we spend much time thinking about. We breathe all the time. Breath is a necessity to life, without it we can’t survive. Breathing is something we naturally do, it is an innate skill . Yet breath holds so much more power than we acknowledge.


Breath can hold the key to mastery of so many things. For a runner to be successful, they have to be mindful of their breathing. Watch a weightlifter prepare to lift heavy: breath is an essential part of their success. An archer or marksman uses their breath for accurate shooting. For mothers preparing for labor and delivery, different techniques of breathing are visited. Meditation uses the breath to connect the mind, body, and spirit.


Breath is so powerful yet most of us take it for granted. What if all of us focused on breath for just a few moments in our day?


Pause. Take a few DEEP belly breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

This can help you clear your mind, create space so that you feel in control of yourself, reset your day, or ground your thoughts.


Many of us struggle with belly breathing.Various aspects of our lifestyle have actually caused us to unlearn this innate skill and create compensation patterns. Watch an infant breathe and you will see their belly rise and fall. This is what ideal breath patterns looks like. We want to fill our lungs ALL the way to the bottom which requires your belly, not your chest, to rise. For more information on proper belly breathing check out these videos from BIRTHFIT headquarters:



Supine Abdominal Breathing


Belly Breathing



By relearning ideal breathing patterns we can then apply it to areas of our life that we want to evolve in..Start your morning or end your day with a meditation practice.


If your morning is crazy and involves getting the family ready and kids dropped off to school, give yourself the space to take a few breaths (possibly while sitting in your now quiet car) to reset to take on the rest of your day! Check out the apps EXPECTFUL and HEADSPACE to help guide you.

Feeling your tension, stress or anger rising? Breathe!

Want to become better at your sport? Incorporate your breath.

Using your breath to to improve areas of your life will take practice. The time you put into learning proper breathing and applying it will pay off! Promise! So practice, practice, practice.

Harness the full power of breath and become the Master of YOU!


Kim Mason