Mala Beads Choose You


After purchasing my Mala beads, I learned that you don’t choose your beads, they choose you.  There are a variety of stones in many colors and colors carry emotion for us all.  There are reasons we are drawn to specific hues: they can hold emotions – happy ones or those we’d like to forget.  Mala beads have been used in the Buddhism and Hinduism cultures for centuries.  They comprise a string of 108 beads used for prayer, meditation, and affirmations (1).

The universe brought me to the Moonstone mala beads.  The Moonstone is believed to help us connect to our intuition!  It also aids in providing balance and can relieve the feeling of hopelessness.  Moonstone is great for encouraging harmonious relationships; this is extremely effective for me since I am around many different personalities as a chiropractor.  In meditation this specific stone is to help understand oneself and said to perceive that which “is”.  It also supports the heart and the loving energy that promotes the Divine in all situations (2).  These were all things that I needed more of and just didn’t know until I ordered a random Mala necklace because I saw others in the BIRTHFIT tribe wearing them.    

I have been actively working on implementing the mindset pillar into my life.  As a new mom, it’s not always easy to find time to devote to myself, but I have found that wearing these Mala beads helps me to tune in to what I am being called to do in this world. I thought I was just purchasing a pretty necklace, but it turns out that those beads were calling me to be more in line with my own desires, principles, and values.  (You can pick up your own BIRTHFIT Mala beads here!)



Sara Leavitt, DC





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