BIRTHFIT Podcast Featuring Regional Directors Discussing the Four Pillars

BIRTHFIT Podcast Featuring Regional Directors Discussing The Four Pillars –

Vol 5 of the BIRTHFIT Summit 2017




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Hello, BIRTHFIT. This is Dr. Lindsey Mathews, your BIRTHFIT founder, and we are back this week with a special interview from the BIRTHFIT Summit. You will be listening to this as if you were sitting there in the audience, live, just like some of the past guest speakers we released. But this is special. This is super special. We have our BIRTHFIT regional directors from all over, answering questions. They’re giving their opinion, they’re respecting and loving each other, and they’re sharing what works for them, what hasn’t worked, what they’re practicing and just what’s going on in their lives.


So, this first question that we will release is all about the BIRTHFIT Four Pillars. Our BIRTHFIT pillars are fitness, nutrition, chiropractic and mindset. On this episode you will hear Jess of BIRTHFIT Logan, you will hear Liz of BIRTHFIT Missoula, you will hear Lindsay Mumma of BIRTHFIT North Carolina, you will hear Lacey Wilson of BIRTHFIT Tulsa, you will hear Laura Mattison of BIRTHFIT Atlanta, and you will hear Carla from BIRTHFIT Netherlands. So, I hope you enjoy this as they all share from their heart and give a little bit of insight as to how they go about their daily lives integrating the BIRTHFIT Four Pillars.


All right, so, how do the BIRTHFIT pillars fit into your life or your practice or your business, and could anyone integrate them into their life? Take it away.


Female: You’re looking at me.


Lindsey: Yeah, let’s go.


Female: Okay. The Four Pillars fit into my life in a very applicable way because I want to be BIRTHFIT and it’s a choice. So I choose to participate in my own fitness in an intentional way. I choose to get adjusted. I choose my mindset every single day. I choose the nutrition that is going to fuel my body. And because it’s a choice, everybody can participate in that to whatever degree that they’re comfortable. In the same way, I choose to incorporate the Four Pillars of BIRTHFIT into my practice with my patients because I want them to have the same benefits that I do.


A lot of women come to BIRTHFIT because they have had either a really great experience with birth or a negative experience with birth, and I have had great experiences. They weren’t perfect or textbook or anything like that, but they were really great and empowering experiences, and I want everybody to have that. It might not look exactly like my birth, but I want them to have access to that so I choose to incorporate the BIRTHFIT Four Pillars into my work with my patients and in doing so, because they’re such foundational pillars, I found that I’ve had a lot of practice growth as a result of that, so.


Jess: I’ll add to that. I’m very grateful for the knowledge of the Four Pillars. I feel like as a mother, especially I have two boys and one on the way, I fully appreciate those pillars and I feel like, some days, I might need to hone in more on one pillar over the other. I feel like that’s where it’s like a constant flow of figuring out what I need to do for myself so that I can be a good mom, so that I can offer classes to other women who want to do BIRTHFIT, but it’s a constant flow of tapping into one, maybe stronger one day, maybe I am tired and fatigued, and I can realize, oh, I’m super tired, so let’s not go to the cupboard and grab crackers to help fuel my body because that’s not going to help me. It’s not going to help me help my kids. So I really appreciate the knowledge of the Four Pillars and living by them because that helps me be my best self, and it’s really hard to serve anyone around us if we’re not working on being our best selves.


Female: Cool. Is my mike on? It doesn’t sound like it. Tap, tap, no. All right, here we go. Yeah, to add to that, I think that the cool thing about the pillars is that they’re an evolving aspect of your life. It doesn’t have to be, like, I got, I got it, I got it, but that, like you said, maybe one day you’re rocking your fitness pillar and then not in your nutrition or whatever but the idea that they’re all moving in the same direction. If you think of it like a bar graph, they might not all be at the same height but over a time, so now we’re looking at a linear graph, they should be moving up. That’s how I think of it is don’t be down on yourself if you’re like, I really blew it today with this. It’s like, hey, you have the next minute, the next hour, the next day to recognize it and move forward. So that’s a cool thing about, I mean, that’s growth mindset is moving forward.


Lacey: And I’ll build onto that. As someone who doesn’t have any children, but I love all children, I implement the Four Pillars every day and Colten does also. That’s why he’s here. But I think it’s very important that people have a well-rounded in all of the four pillars because there’s not one that trumps the other. I have this conversation all the time about it because some people are like, well I’m into the fitness thing but I’m not into the chiropractic thing, or I’m into the mindset thing but I’m not into nutrition. In reality we all need a little bit of all four because, yeah, movement is life, food is life, to me chiropractic is life. How can you function without getting adjusted? And mindset is one of the biggest for me because that trumps all.


Liz: Can I finish?


Lindsey: Yes, Liz.


Liz: For me, to have a successful life, you have to fulfill certain requirements and those are the Four Pillars, whether it’s moving your body or moving your mind to higher levels, knowledge base, whatever that is, and then all the others play a part in those requirements to be successful. Whether it is in pregnancy, whether it’s post-partum, whether it’s business, career or family, they’re all requirements to fulfill that successful life.


Lindsey: Awesome. Each of you all can answer this, but how have they evolved or changed over the past year or two? Because I know like Mumma has been in BIRTHFIT since the beginning and then some of you are newer. You two started at the same time, Liz and Jess. So maybe how has each of the four pillars evolved or is there one that has definitely evolved more than the others since you started?


Jess: I would say mine is definitely mindset but then it has helped every other one involved, which I love because mindset is almost like an umbrella piece and then it helps you get more in tune with the other pillars. I’ve just noticed a huge difference even in my pregnancies. My last pregnancy, well, my two last pregnancies, I didn’t have or know of BIRTHFIT. Now I do and the mindset piece has been amazing to add to that, just a heightened awareness of all of the pillars.


Liz: I definitely concur with Jess with the mindset piece. It’s something that I struggled with as a business owner that spends a lot of time by themselves. Even though they’re seeing clients or patients a lot, they’re in and out, so you spend a lot of time by yourself. That’s when doubt tends to creep in and you’re like, am I doing the right thing, do these people even like me, do they just come because they pity me or whatever it is. So really tapping into that self-power and spending time positively within your mind has been really important over the last year for me.


Female: Okay, I have definitely evolved significantly since 2014, and the biggest change for me has been in mindset, similar to these ladies but it’s because of how that has impacted the other pillars I think. One of the biggest changes that is noticeable in my day to day life is daily meditation but also in my fitness routine. I have been an athlete my whole life, and I had no problem just going, going, going, going, but I did have a difficult time in the slowdown. Now it’s not at all a challenge for me anymore because I’m fully embracing that.


So there’s a huge difference in my fitness but it’s actually because of my mindset practice. With that, my mindset, just surrounding who I am as an eater and all the stuff that I’ve gotten to learn from Magic Milk, true, my mindset with eating has changed as well, and it’s just a much more forgiving and open feeling around my food. I have definitely evolved as a chiropractor because I continue to learn and grow and practice my craft every day. It’s called a chiropractic practice. I’m practicing every day. I feel bad for my patients five years ago because what was I doing?


But all of them have evolved for me significantly so much so that I look back on my former self and like, hey, that girl, I remember her, but she almost seems like a different person than who I am now. I very much embrace that because I could not have handled being who I am now, then. I like who l am now but I’m also looking forward to five years from now when I don’t recognize me because I’ve continued to evolve, and I fully embrace my queenhood.


Female: Are the Four Pillars something you can just check off and do, like, are they complete ever?


Female: No.


Female: Constantly evolving.


Female: Always evolving.


Lindsey: Awesome. What happens when you get, maybe you have a client that comes into your office and they’re like, I’m good on the nutrition part, I’ve got that dialed.


Female: Red flag.


Lindsey: How do you approach that?


Female: Waving a red flag at them.


Lindsey: No, you don’t.


Female: No, but when somebody says that they’re good on one of the Four Pillars then I recognize that that’s their fixed mindset about what they can achieve, like, yeah, I’m good on this because I eat X, Y and Z, so I definitely am fine on nutrition. Okay, well what have you learned about yourself as an eater today? You couldn’t have known that before today. You couldn’t have known that before this moment so you definitely still have growth there that needs to happen. If at any point in time you’re good then you’re not growing, so you’re never going to arrive. It’s a journey. The obstacle is the way.


Lindsey: Awesome. Anybody want to add up there? No? Anybody in the audience want to ask them a question about the Four Pillars? Whoa, okay.


Female: What’s your most challenging pillar?


Lindsey: What’s your most challenging pillar, for each of you?


Female: Just one word answer.


Female: Mindset. I think that’s where the growth comes because you’re challenging it and you’re challenging yourself. Well I don’t think that’s where the growth comes, that’s where it comes from.


Female: Ditto.


Female: It’s the shortest answer ever.


Female: Brevity is many things.


Female: Logan is teaching me things.


Liz: On a daily basis, mindset for sure, being able to get in that daily practice and having it become a part of me because I feel like the other pillars are a part of that daily routine already. So that’s something that I’m definitely working on right now.


Female: Yeah, I would say mindset probably, but I think that —


Lindsey: Look to make sure that you know them.


Female: No, maybe you wouldn’t. For me, I’m in a cool place, weird place, whatever. Fitness has been my thing for so long. I was an athlete since I was five. It’s all there, sports, sports, sport. In a sense, yeah, I’ve got fitness but it’s like I’m in a new place where I’m evolving in that. It’s like having a different outlook on what does it really mean to move and move well and not be like, I’ve got to go, go, go, go all the time. So I guess maybe the mindset around how I’m viewing myself as an athlete or as a mover, that has been a recent challenge for me as I apply mindset to my fitness practice. Is that a good answer?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Female: Good answer.


Lacey: I’m going to be different. I’m going to say fitness only because I have been a competitive cheerleader for all of my life and then, I know, girl, and then getting into CrossFit, it’s very competitive and egotistic, which I love. Love you all. But BIRTHFIT has actually taught me to, instead of going in the gym and trying to PR everything and just move as fast as possible and beat the person next to me, it has actually taught me to move with intent.


Carla: For me, chiropractic, that’s the one that I struggle with because I don’t know enough of it and I feel like a dog wearing socks when I have to speak of it. Have you seen it? It’s a mess. That’s me.


Female: Kicking their feet up all the time.


Carla: It is. It’s a Dutch translation, literal translation. But it did the job. You guys got it that I’m really awkward with that because I don’t feel like I know enough to talk about it. Fitness, that’s my baby, CrossFit included. Nutrition, mindset, something I’m working on but the chiropractic bit is like, whoa, okay, wait, what does that mean? What do I do? What do I say? Considering I’m not about to do that course, I’m definitely borrowing that kind of money. I’m sure there are more people here who are not chiropractors so what I’m curious about is how does that work?


Female: Abby and I talked about this before not in the sense of check the box, I’m done, but neither one of us are chiropractors so if you’re not a chiropractor, which I would say most people aren’t unless you’re just in a chiropractic conference or something, here comes the plane, I don’t know if they can hear me. In a sense, if you find a great chiropractor and you love them and you know that they’re tracking and they’re doing the right stuff that they need to be doing, in a way that is an easy way to check the box. This is maybe from a different perspective, not as a regional director or anything, but for our people, it’s nice to be, hey, I have my appointment every week and as long as I go, I’m in that practice.


Lindsey: Almost delegating responsibility of knowledge to somebody else.


Female: Right, and that’s the beauty of it.


Lindsey: And doing the research of it. That’s a great answer.


Female: To try to answer your question, Carla, I’m going to ask you specifically what you’re asking. You want to know how you can communicate about chiropractic to people as a non-chiropractor. Because you’re encouraging women, hey, this is one of our Four Pillars, you need to be getting adjusted. Why? Because I’m wearing socks and I’m a dog, it’s not making sense.


Your point of explaining this to women can vary. You can go from a structural standpoint. You can go from a nervous system standpoint. The reason why you need chiropractic care during pregnancy is because of the vast biomechanical changes that happen in your body. Any amount of imbalance throughout the body is going to manifest in some way. So if there’s imbalance and you have to compensate for that because your brain is going to take you from point A to point B and your body is going to take you from conception through birth, and if there’s an imbalance somewhere in the physical system then that’s going to translate into compensatory patterns elsewhere.


Additionally, we also are affecting the nervous system. You can’t touch a person without affecting their nervous system, and that’s so important at the time in your life when you are fully expressing life. You are living and you are growing another life and so it’s incredibly important to facilitate that for a woman and nobody else can really do that as much as a chiropractor.


Additionally, any imbalance that is specifically within the pelvis is going to directly impact the baby’s environment. If there’s pain during pregnancy then mom automatically has a change in her physiological makeup and that is going to directly impact the woman. So we know that upon adjusting, we’re going to increase proprioception, we’re going to increase movement and we’re going  to be able to better balance the body. Without chiropractic, you don’t have those things.


So as a non-chiropractor, you can just say, there are these many benefits to it and therefore, it doesn’t make any sense that you would just want to stand on these three pillars that we have without getting that last fourth pillar to really complete what it is that you’re doing. That’s why the Four Pillars exist because all four of them are necessary in order to have this empowered, beautiful motherhood transition even if it doesn’t go exactly the way that you want it to because you need all four pillars and that’s why they’re there. Does that answer your question?


Liz: Can I add to that?


Female: Well you can have my mike.


Liz: I don’t think anyone needs the Four Pillars but to have an empowered, educated birth then they want to have them. If you’re not a chiropractor to explain it, I think the best way is to tap into your experience with chiropractic and why you see a chiropractor. Why do you go? What benefits do you get? Because, yeah, I can talk about the biomechanical changes and the nervous system changes but that can go over people’s head really fast.


So talking about your experience maybe with [0:25:47] [Indiscernible], did you see a chiropractor? What did you experience? Why did you keep going? Or with your fitness, why do you do that? I’m sure you use that a lot, why you train, why you eat this way. It’s the same thing with chiropractic care, why do you do it? When people can tap into your why, about why you see a chiropractor, they’re going to be so much more inclined especially if they are a little bit hesitant about it because maybe they’ve heard a bad thing or they’ve read something on the Internet that is fake news or whatever. So tapping into that why is really important.


Lindsey: Thanks for sharing about your Four Pillars. I think you all did a really amazing job. This is a choice. BIRTHFIT is a choice. These Four Pillars are a choice. They show up, how you choose to make them show up or practice them in your life, and I think that’s really important. So thank you for sharing your experiences and what goes on in your life and your struggles with each of the four pillars. Awesome, great job. All right.


All right, everyone, I hope you enjoyed that. I hope you felt like you were sitting there with us at the BIRTHFIT Summit. If there’s one thing you could take away, I want you to understand that it is a constant practice. We are constantly evolving throughout these four pillars; fitness, nutrition, chiropractic and mindset. The pillars are not something you can check the box and say, “Oh, I’m good.” The pillars are something that we work on, we practice literally every day.


For each of them, fitness, nutrition, chiropractic and mindset, the amount or the volume or the intensity at which we practice each of those will vary, day to day, week by week, month by month. If you hit a plateau or you’re struggling in one, definitely reach out for some outside help, some support, some eyes that maybe can look at your life, your situation as a whole and maybe offer some nonjudgmental advice. But this is a constant practice and we will be doing this forever.

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