5 Ways to Connect with Baby Before Birth… And After!

2 pink lines!? Gaaah! Excitement, nervousness, relief, panic – the emotions are endless and often a rollercoaster of reactions. From the time you find out you’re pregnant until the main event you’ve got a million things running through your head, tons of advice given to you, and lots to learn and plan for. But one thing not many providers will suggest is that from day one you can start to connect with your baby. Creating that special bond and being intentional with the time you set aside for your baby in utero will begin an incredible relationship and help bring you and baby back to a calm place even after birth!

  1. Meditate

Take time to be still. This can be a guided meditation or done in silence. But stop the noise of your everyday life by taking just 5-10 minutes to go inside your being. Talk to your baby as if you have known them your whole life. When you hear the chatter of your To Do List or busy thoughts start to creep into your mind, silence it, and visualize a calm place you’d love to sit and relax. Is it a beach on the ocean? Is it an open grassy field? Is it the sanctuary of a familiar place you’ve been before, or a made up location you dream of going? Picture being there with your baby and invite them into that space. Creating quiet amongst the chaos will calm your system down, as well as help baby find their way through not only birth but the crazy world we live in once they come earth side.

  1. Music

Put on your favorite calming music. Maybe it’s something that makes you feel in love like Jack Johnson or Ben Harper. Sing that love song to your sweet baby and let those hips move! You’ll be surprised as to how this same music may help you relax during your birthing time or even calm your fussy baby down during a witching hour. Familiar music sung by their mama can be incredibly powerful.

  1. Journal

Create a journal for your baby to have one day. Write memorable experiences from your pregnancy like how you felt when you found out you were pregnant, or who you told the good news to first. Write with the intention of sharing this with them one day. Share your hopes and dreams for this little person. Every so often when something strikes you as special, whether it is a fantastic place you’d like to take them to, a restaurant where you hope to have family dinners, or amazing art you want to share with them – write it all down. After baby is born you can continue the journal. You can note the first time you achieved those hopes and dreams with your child and create a lasting keepsake for them to cherish.

4.Belly Mapping/Visualize

Touch your belly! There’s no better way to get in touch with your baby than to literally touch your baby bump. Feeling the different positions your baby is in, the movement you sense, and creating space to allow optimal position for birth is a great way to get connected to your baby. Visualize the position your baby is in and picture how they must feel when you are in different situations: deep belly breathing, on hands and knees, exercising, relaxing. It’s more challenging to use your intuition and imagination to visualize your baby in today’s instant gratification world where we can get a quick ultrasound at every visit and literally see baby. But you may find it’s more rewarding in the end to finally meet the baby you’ve only seen in your mind by limiting ultrasounds.

Check out Spinning Babies- https://spinningbabies.com/learn-more/baby-positions/belly-mapping/ .

5.Tell your baby their birth story – yes, before it happens!

There can be so much fear of the unknown when it comes to birthing. Especially if it is your first birth, and you have no idea what to expect. I love watching peaceful natural birthing videos to get my mindset right and oxytocin flowing. There is so much power in storytelling. It’s been done for generations, so why not tell your baby their birth story? Tell them how much love you are filled with, and what excitement you have for their birth day to come. Obviously you cannot determine exactly what happens during birth, or control it, but telling a peaceful and positive birthing story to your unborn babe will alleviate some of the stress of the unknown to you, as well as give your baby something to look forward to. And once you are holding your sweet love in your arms you can tell them their birth story again, as well as create many other stories to share with them as they grow. It’s more challenging than you might think, so starting now is a great way to hone your storytelling skills! ;)

Elise DeCamp, DC



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