Addressing the Fear of a Breech Baby

With so much contradictory information online and frightening stories shared by our friends and family, it’s no wonder that many pregnant women feel overwhelmed by all that can go wrong. For me, one of my fears was hearing that my baby might be breech. In this blog entry, I share my story of how I allowed fear to creep its way in during my pregnancy and how BIRTHFIT and CHOICE helped me assuage those concerns. I look forward to sharing other lessons learned about pregnancy, hopes, and fears in upcoming articles.

It’s hard to say if my doctorate in Chiropractic and pregnancy-related courses added to my knowledge of all that can go wrong or helped keep me in check. But, what I did know was that I was pregnant and scared. AT 12 weeks, I was fortunate to find the midwives at CHOICE in Worthington, OH – who became my amazing birth team. I knew my journey would be full of love when I met Tanya and Mandy. I explained to them how, as a physician, I was frustrated to find myself often lost in a mental fog. They chuckled and reassured me that, “Yes, Dr. Coleen – Pregnancy brain is real!” Ah, exhale. I could hang up my white coat and simply be the patient.

Everything was going well until they asked about my mom’s pregnancy– apparently, there can be similarities… Sigh, knot in my stomach: I was born breech. The floodgates of fear opened.  I was aware of the midwives’ policy of not allowing vaginal breech delivery on the first pregnancy unless the whole practice agreed. What was I going to do if my pregnancy turned out breech? I’d have to deliver elsewhere, and I had already fallen in love with CHOICE. I began sharing my stream of fears, and was happily interrupted by Tanya who calmly replied, “Let’s not go there right away. You are different from your mother and there are multiple ways to help get the baby into a good position.”

Positive thoughts began to flow into my mind and a bit of my “doctor brain” kicked back in: “Webster technique, acupuncture, stretches, etc.” I decided at that point I wouldn’t allow myself to be overcome with fear. I developed a breech baby back-up plan, which included acupuncture and having my husband or another colleague perform the Webster technique, which is a gentle, external mobilization technique to turn the baby.  I felt relieved, but still wanted to know other prevention options. That’s where BIRTHFIT came in. I had seen my colleagues, Dr. Sirchio-Lotus (@birthfitchicago) and Dr. Gesecki (@birthfitcleveland) post the benefits of BIRTHFIT and overall fitness during pregnancy. And, while I had been an active CrossFit participant and adopted various DNS exercises, what I really wanted was support and encouragement…BIRTHFIT is where I found it.

Throughout the rest of my pregnancy, I had regular chiropractic care, acupuncture, proper nutrition, and followed the exercises recommended by BIRTHFIT. At 36 weeks, I was relieved to learn that the baby was in the ideal “LOA” position and I was thrilled that she remained that way until delivery. I was fortunate to have a fast, albeit intense delivery, just like my mom, but with no breech position.  It’s now clear to me why the four pillars (chiropractic, nutrition, fitness, and mindset) are so important – particularly mindset when it comes to keeping fears at bay.

Here is a great article on helpful movements for breech position: . If you need more support, check out and/or find a Regional Director in your area!


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