Babywearing Benefits

It’s International Babywearing Week! To be honest, I almost feel like this is every week in our house… We love to wear our babies for extra snuggles and kisses, sneaky tummy time, and parental convenience sometimes too!

In addition to helping parents have a free hand, babywearing has some amazing benefits for both of you:

  • Easing the 4th trimester transition. Newborns have just spent 40 weeks snuggled up inside of you, mama. All of a sudden, they are in our big, bright world and it can be overwhelming for them. Babywearing allows them to remain close to you while being rocked and soothed by your movements – just like they have been since conception. They smell and touch you while being worn. Studies show that increased carrying reduces crying by up to 43% (Hunziker, UA, and RG Barr)!  
  • Baby is well-adjusted to the world. Per La Leche League International, “A happy baby is quiet and alert. In this state of mind, he is ready to interact with people. When worn or carried by a parent, a contented baby can see what’s going on around him. When he sees facial expressions and hears his mother’s voice, he is learning about the world.”
  • Lets baby observe the world in a comfortable and safe way. By positioning baby upright and close to you, you’re encouraging them to begin to hold their head up and start taking in the world around them. This also is great for those babes that may not love tummy time – this is tummy time in a slightly different orientation and encourages that spinal development and strength!
  • Increases parental confidence. By keeping baby close to you, parents learn their baby’s habits and cues quickly. As you and baby learn more about each other, parents are able to recognize baby’s movements and cues – for hunger, sleepiness, and play. This leads to you being more secure in your parenting – whatever that style is!


There are many safe babywearing options out there for you to try! Local groups often have lending libraries and meetings for you to check out various styles of carrier and try some out.


Happy wearing!


Dr. Jamie Wuistinger




  1. Hunziker UA, and Barr RG. “Increased carrying reduced infant crying: a randomized controlled trial” Pediatrics, 77, 5, 1986, 641-8. Pub Med,


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