Happy Healthy Hormones Features BIRTHFIT

Hormones & Being a Woman

Have you ever been told that PMS, period pain, heavy periods, breakouts, and bloating are a normal part of being a woman?

Being exposed to BIRTHFIT, I hope you realize now that even though some things are common (like urinary incontinence) they are not normal. These symptoms actually give us a clue that something is going on inside the body on a deeper level.

My colleague, Katie Bressack, who specializes in women’s lifestyle and hormonal health has put together a FREE series called Happy Healthy Hormones. The interview series starts Monday, September 18th, and I’m pumped to be one of the women’s health experts that she interviewed.

Use the link below to sign up for Happy Healthy Hormones so that you can watch my interview and lots more for FREE!



Dr. Lindsey Mathews, DC



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