Free Webinar: Body Image with Kasey Fulwider


Mark your calendars. This is the second of our fall webinar series. We will have a free webinar this coming Monday, September 18th at 5pm PST.

This webinar will be lead by Kasey Fulwider, BIRTHFIT NoVa Regional Director, and the focus will be BODY IMAGE. Kasey is a mother to five, coach, and gym owner in Northern Virginia. She has coaching and athletic experience in gymnastics, cheerleading, and olympic lifting. Kasey is a US Naval Academy Graduate and a former USMC Signals Intelligence Captain.

Kasey will be discussing body image and getting comfortable in your own skin. We live in a world where people assume that just because you’re a woman or you have defined biceps or you have baby bump that you want to hear some inappropriate cat call or joke about working out or a story about birth or pregnancy that has nothing to do with you. We live in a world where thin equals healthy and small equals pretty. We live in a world heavily influenced by magazine covers and Instagram filters.

We get it. These comments, stigmas, and imposed stories can be difficult to stomach. The bucket where we put this shit in (and where it all belongs) actually will get full, and then we either explode or diminish in this world.

Through this webinar, we hope to give you insight and a few tools on how to own your power and take a stand for your beautiful body. Just because some jerk is uncomfortable with your arms does not mean you have to be uncomfortable. We want you to show up as the fullest version of yourself in this world. And, sometimes that starts with owning the physical body you are in. See you Monday at 5pm PST!




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