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“Usually the more convenient that something is for a parent, the less ideal it is for a kid.”

Podcast with Dr. Lindsay Mumma “Transcript” – Registry List (Things Parents Actually Need)


A few months ago, I had the pleasure of joining Dr. Lindsey Mathews again on the BIRTHFIT Podcast, and we discussed a lot of parenting “props”.  I’ll admit that I was a little apprehensive about how this information might be received.  I do not hold popular opinion in terms of child rearing.  I have this weird idea that children are actually people and deserve as much respect as anyone else in this world.  I also believe that their movements and autonomy are of the utmost importance, and as such, I ensure that their environment allows them to explore their innate movement patterns.  I find this approach to parenting extremely freeing.  And after releasing that podcast, I came to find out that many of you find this notion of respecting our children and allowing them to develop as nature intended freeing as well.   

I got a lot of messages from parents stating that the things we discussed on the podcast really resonated with them.  And a lot of them shared the same concerns: how do I convey this to my well-meaning relatives or friends who want to shower us with all of these tools/props?  My response to everyone who sent that similar message was to share the podcast with their loved ones.  Let them know that what we talked about really spoke to you and that you’re interested in creating an environment for your child(ren) that allows them to develop without interference.  You can also share this blog with them, or simply use it as a guide when planning your registry.  

Before I went on the podcast, I asked my husband, Chris, what babies actually NEED: he said, “a safe place to change their diaper, a safe place to sleep, and safe place to move around.”  I expanded the list a little more (with the help of Dr. Jamie Wuistinger) and came up with the following.  (Not all of these were discussed on the podcast because Dr. Mathews and I like to chat and we only had an hour!)  


What you actually need as a parent:


Things you do NOT need:

  • Belly binders (We discussed bengkung binding as an option, but please recognize that this is not intended for or effective in assisting with diastasis or musculature support.)
  • Bumbo or other seat prior to baby sitting
  • Rice cereal
  • Baby puree maker
  • Bath seat
  • Sippy cups
  • Light up toys
  • Exersaucer
  • Activity mat/station
  • Bouncer/harness (to “assist” in walking)
  • Swing
  • Self-standing high chair; opt for a booster seat to save room!

Other resources to check out: Raising Children is an Act of Philosophy Nonviolent Communication



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Lindsay Mumma, DC

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  • Nellie

    The natural breastfeeding article is insanely awesome. Noted, saved and will refer back when it’s time!Thanks for the transcript, we were trying to find an Ergo Air forever and had a hilarious time trying to transcribe the podcast!

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