Summer Webinar Series: Unleash the Power of Rhythm (Eating Psychology)

Life is possible through rhythm: orbits, biogeochemical cycles, heart beat, breath, sleep, menstrual cycles, and metabolism. Without rhythm, disorder and disease occur. This is as true for heart arrhythmias as it is for metabolism. If you feel lost or uncomfortable in your relationship with food, rhythm is a beautiful place to start taking action. Learn how to work with your innate metabolic rhythm and how sleep complements this important Mind-Body Nutrition Dimension. This webinar will provide you action steps that are immediately applicable to your life and your future motherhood transitions.

The big “so-what” around Mind-Body Nutrition is that what you eat isn’t the whole story of effective nutrition. Who you are as an eater (the thoughts, beliefs, and desires you bring to the table) informs your metabolism just as much, if not more, than what you actually consume.  This is because digestion is optimized in the Parasympathetic state, or full Autonomic control. You can literally change the nutritional value of the meal and affect your ability to digest and assimilate nutrients when in a Sympathetic state, or down-regulated Autonomic control.  And, again, these changes have NOTHING to do with what you are eating.

If you would like to learn more, check out the BIRTHFIT Rhythm Webinar happening Monday, August 7th at 5p PST!


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