You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know


You don’t know what you don’t know until you learn it. Wow, what a mouthful, but it’s so true. In many instances, until you learn something you didn’t know, you were unaware that such information existed. This is extremely relevant to pregnancy, especially with first time moms. There are so many things to know about pregnancy, labor, the birth process, postpartum, breastfeeding, sleep schedules, and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Talk about overwhelming. I know that I’m not alone with questions racing through my head – What do I absolutely need to know? What can I leave up to my care providers? Who should be my care providers? I read the words “birth team”, do I need one of those? Where will I find the time to know all of this stuff? Holy Shit! So many questions, and those are just scratching the surface. Ok take a deep breath, I have a solution.

BIRTHFIT. This amazing tribe is dedicated to helping you navigate the birth world and exposing you to information that may not have even known you needed to know. We’ve got you covered from preconception – what you can be doing before getting pregnant to postpartum, and everything in between. Fear of the unknown is real, but the more informed you are translates directly to the more empowered you are.

This is especially evident for those moms taking the BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series. This series is designed to expose you to all kinds of scenarios and options (or ‘non’ options) that you will be given along your pregnancy. You and your birth partner will make decisions ahead of time, so when the time does come and stress is at an all time high, the answers are ready to go. By the time you finish the series, the goal is that when your baby is ready to greet the earth, there is nothing left to know that you don’t know. Does this guarantee you’ll have the dream labor and delivery? Nope. Does it mean that things might still go awry? They could. But you will have set yourself up for the best possible outcomes, because you took the time to learn the things that you didn’t know.


To be a little more specific the BIRTHFIT Prenatal series will:

  • Delve into the history of birth in America
  • Give you a clear understanding of what exactly you want during your birth experience (if you have no idea going in, that’s totally ok!)
  • Help you create your own mission statement for birth
  • Help you learn and understand common medical procedures and protocols
  • Help you create a birth preference sheet
  • Give you tangible information about rehabbing your core and pelvic floor postpartum
  • And much more!


Find a BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series near you by locating a regional director in your area – HERE


Dr. Liz Marshall


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