A Beautiful Collaboration: Chiropractic & PT

In our private practice, we have developed treatment plans to meet patient-centered goals and have emphasized the importance of a collaboration in health care. Just as no part of the body acts alone, no practitioner should act alone. One single set of eyes cannot fully assess the entire body system.

Each of us as practitioners, coaches, mentors, leaders, brings our own experience to the table and a unique perspective.

The universe has spotlighted this in my practice over the past couple of months. The majority of my patient base is women in the motherhood transition and while I have long referred back and forth with local PT’s, I have met my match. Jill O’brien, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and I have started co-treating patients.

Trust me: you need someone like Jill in your life.

Jill does what I do not do: internal pelvic floor treatment.

I was educated as a doctor of chiropractic, even in courses beyond my doctorate, to treat internal musculoskeletal issues, but this is Jill’s specialty; internal pelvic floor work as a doctor of physical therapy. Jill has spent countless hours in school, outside of school, and postgraduate honing her skills as a physical therapist to visually observe and manual palpate and treat the pelvic floor. She has a thirst for knowledge and matches my love for the core. I have learned from Jill and she has learned from me. If we question something the other does, we ask. We respect one another’s practices and are open to growth, knowledge, and learning for the benefit of the patient. The patients are loving the collaboration and Jill and I are loving hearing the successes!

Whether you are on a mission to find the right team of professionals to meet your needs as a patient or you are the professional growing your collaborative tribe, I encourage you to take the leap and branch out. The more eyes on a case, the better. The more we collaborate to better understand the body, the sooner our mediocre healthcare system stops putting bandaids on a problem and begins healing in a holistic approach. This is what puts the patient (human being) first.

Note: Look for Dr. Jill O’brien on the BIRTHFIT Referrals list following the BIRTHFIT Professional Seminar!


Dr. Erica Boland, DC

BIRTHFIT Wisconsin


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