Summer Webinar Series- Becoming a BIRTHFIT Regional Director

Join us for the next webinar in our Summer Webinar Series on Monday, July 3rd at 5pm PST. 

In “Road to RD: A Behind the Scenes Look at Becoming a BIRTHFIT Regional Director, Professional, or Coach”, Dr. Lindsay Mumma will explain the ins and outs of becoming part of the BIRTHFIT Tribe.  Dr. Mumma does all of the Practitioner Consults and is ready to help you figure out if joining the BIRTHFIT Tribe is the right move for you.

Are you thinking about becoming a BIRTHFIT Regional Director?  Holding the most responsibility, the role of Regional Director also comes with the most benefits.  Learn about the first year of training and mentorship, what we’re looking for in applicants, and why knowledge of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization is on our list of must-haves for all of our Regional Directors.

Maybe you’re more interested in becoming a BIRTHFIT Professional or BIRTHFIT Coach. Dr. Mumma will go over the details of what it truly means to be a BIRTHFIT Coach or BIRTHFIT Professional.

Whatever your level of interest, join us for this informative webinar with Q&A session to follow.



4 comments to " Summer Webinar Series- Becoming a BIRTHFIT Regional Director "
  • Paloma Gil

    Hello, I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and interested in learning about birthfit and all it entails. I used to have a strength training coach who wrote out my programs for me and was still training until about 6 weeks into pregnancy. I stopped because the u foreseen prenatal fatigue was not allowing me to continue. Also my current programs were just too much for me to try to keep up with. I’m slowly gaining back some energy and thought I’d reach out to you to inquire about possibly enrolling into birthfit programming. Thank you!!

  • Natali Kummer

    Hello, I am a crossfit trainer who is coaching a woman who is 7 years post pardum and has diastasis recti from childbirth with her son. Are isometric core work more beneficial than traditional Ab work for her? I believe so, but wanted to ask your recommendations here and your exercises for core and breathing. My client struggles (obviously) with engaging rectus abdominals and internal/external obliques. Thank you in advance for any support!! Love birthfit!!

  • Emily Daka

    Hi,I’m interested in learning more about becoming a coach- is there any way to do the webinar other than 5pm on Monday?
    Please let me know!

  • Jun

    Physical exercise is particularly helpful to women during pregnancy and even after birth. Also, the Bradley Method and Birth for Men encourages frequent exercise for a healthier pregnancy and wellness of the mother and baby. Though some of the birth classes may have rules in physical exercise on pregnant women, to what extent these programs may apply that will not contradict other norms as prescribed by their birth class specifications? I believe that programs here are precisely the fitting exercise for expectant moms.

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