The Power of Planting

Life is inarguably busy. We have work, kiddos, relationships, laundry, bills, appointments, and the list goes on.  

I’m here to present an idea. A single change that has the potential to give you a moment of respite from all of the busyness, while simultaneously providing movement, mindfulness, and nourishment.


Plant a garden.


Yes, it’s as simple as that. Whether you have vast acreage, a small yard, or even a tiny apartment patio, plant a garden. Feed your family. Feed your soul.

Maybe it’s the “nesting” kicking in, a desire to feed my growing family, or a nostalgia for the planter beds of our last home, but I decided last weekend that even our tiny condo patio could be a place of growth. And with that, my husband and I set out in search of a few of our favorite produce items in baby plant form, some affordable pots, and nourishing soil.

Our farmers market provided starters for arugula, heirloom tomatoes, and basil (I can picture the salad now), and our local garden center had plenty of soil and a whole section of pots on sale due to tiny chips and cracks (that I believe give them character).

In an afternoon, our small patio turned from slightly pitiful to so much more. It is now a place where I go daily to sit in a squat as I tend to my plants, disconnect from screens and work, soak in vitamin D, imagine myself teaching our little girl where our food comes from, and escape the busyness of life.

An enjoyable afternoon setting up this little garden with my husband has turned into a full season of joy, mindfulness, functional movement, and nourishment.

When we take our first bite of caprese salad with our homegrown tomatoes and basil, it will nourish us on a level that goes further than the plentiful nutrients in the food; we will be eating food that is as local as it gets, grown with love from our own home. And the memories of that first day and the months of love that followed to nurture that growth will stick with us long after the last bite.

Food is a love language. What we eat and where it comes from matter. Growing even just a little bit of your own food can nourish more deeply than imaginable. Happy growing season, friends! Nourish deeply: mind, body, and soul.


Laura Bruner




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