Summer Webinar Series- Awaken Your Core


This is the first of our summer webinar series. We will have a free webinar the first Monday or Tuesday of each month at 5pm PST. Each webinar will be lead by a member of the BIRTHFIT tribe, no more than 60 minutes, and plenty of room for Q/A.

The first webinar of the summer is focused all on the core. Dr. Erica Boland will lead the webinar titled Awaken Your Core. This is a fresh lens to end pelvic floor dysfunction through training complete core (trunk) function. Dr. Erica has trained with the some of the best human biomechanists, health professionals, doctors, and human development researchers in Prague. Dr. Erica is a mother of four and practices in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Families are not afraid to travel to see Dr. Erica for issues from pelvic organ prolapse or diastasis rectus abdominis that is 4 fingers wide or bring their child that has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy or even to have her be their doula. Dr. Erica is a wealth of humble education and experience.


Awaken Your Core 

June 5

5pm PST 


Upcoming webinars include Road to Regional Director, Unleash the Power of Rhythm, and Birth History in America.



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