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The BIRTHFIT Podcast: Dr. Billy DeMoss




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Now, I have a super special episode coming up with one of my mentors, one of my inspirations, Dr. Billy DeMoss.




When I moved to California in 2006, Dr. Billy D was maybe the first chiropractic speaker that I heard on campus of the chiropractic school I was attending. I was blown away by his passion and energy. I had not seen that really anywhere else in life as far as somebody doing what they love and loving what they do. This guy, he was doing this for work and he loves it. And my initial thought was I’ve got to go meet this guy, be around him, figure out what he does.


So, I signed up to be a patient and for as long as I was in chiropractic school I attended DCS, which we’ll learn is the Dead Chiropractic Society. It’s just a kind of an alternative education for chiropractors outside of the regular academic program. And I attended things like Cal Jam, which was very early on and did not sell out at that time but now it does. And then as much as I could I just tried to be around him and the speakers that he brought into the Dead Chiropractic Society.


I don’t know if you’ve heard that saying, but hopefully you have, something along the lines of you never know how much you’re affecting somebody’s life by just like one smile, one word, something, by just a touch. And that’s how much he affected my life in the beginning. Basically, through school, through internship and everything, I moved up to Los Angeles, but I never lost tabs on what he was doing and every year I try to get back to the California Jam.


If you are in Orange County, I promise you that you’ll not be sorry if you go meet this guy. He’s just a huge inspiration and bringing lots of good energy into this world through his chiropractic practice, through Cal Jam, through his podcast, and through basically everything he does or every person he encounters in this world. And for myself, I’m super grateful to have been exposed to him and what he does. Here’s our episode. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, email us,, and we’ll connect you. Or go to his website,


Welcome to the BIRTHFIT Podcast. This is the one and only Billy DeMoss. So, tell everybody who you are, where you live, what you do.


Billy: Wow. I live in Newport Beach, California. I’m a proud chiropractor, proud to be a chiropractor. I think it’s the best profession on the planet. I love to surf, I love to snowboard and I love to play guitar. And I love people. That’s basically me in a nutshell.


Lindsey: I love that. How long have you–


Billy: Well, yeah, then I started California Jam, which is kind of a big–


Lindsey: Big deal.


Billy: –event we put on every year. Yeah, it could be considered a big deal since it’s basically trying to change the world in a positive way, of course. And then we also run the Dead Chiropractic Society which is a monthly meeting we have where we celebrate our history and talk chiropractic philosophy and have great speakers once a month for chiropractors.


Lindsey: So, you put in a lot of good in the world.


Billy: Yeah. I mean, it’s all fun so it’s not like I’m — People think I work really hard but the reality is if you love what you do it’s kind of just what you do. I mean, I would do this even if I didn’t have any income generated from it. But I’ve been good to God’s people and God’s been good to me so it all works out in the end.


Lindsey: I love it.


Billy: And as long as I get to go on surf trips every three months or snowboarding I’m pretty much a happy camper so that’s how it works. Work hard, play hard.


Lindsey: All right. So, let’s find out about your journey. How the heck did you find chiropractic or how did chiropractic find you?


Billy: It’s a funny thing. I just went to grab some water or get rid of some water, which way you want to look at it. I was thinking about your evolution. I remember you and you were a patient here for a while, weren’t you?


Lindsey: Yeah, when I was a student. You were like–


Billy: Right, right.


Lindsey: Thank God, I heard you at the school I went to.


Billy: That’s a miracle.


Lindsey: Yeah.


Billy: Because they don’t let me speak there anymore.


Lindsey: I don’t think they let me speak there.


Billy: I don’t know if [0:09:53] [Indiscernible] to speak there. And I don’t know where they’re headed but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere good. I’m sorry, it all come out in the wash.


Lindsey: Yeah.




Billy: My evolution was that, I mean, I was groomed to be a dentist as I always talk about because my mom wanted me to be a dentist, not because I wanted to be a dentist. It was because my mom wanted me to be. She was a dental hygienist. I wanted to get in to something in health and I really never had any desire to be a medical doctor because I always kind of found them to be a little staunchy. Maybe that’s a nice way of saying some other things I’d really like to say but let’s keep it on the level here.


I just never got into the whole white coat supremacy kind of attitude that we’re better than you, put them on a pedestal kind of thing. And I’m not saying all doctors are that way, which is that was kind of the air that I had. I grew up in the ’70s kind of super anti-establishment and I kind of looked at medicine as more of being an establishment. It was just I started doing research and a lot of the dentists I talked to didn’t really like what they did. In fact, I think they had a high suicide rate of any profession.


I used to think it was because their job sucked. But I did some research after talking to Dr. Kennedy. He spoke at Cal Jam. He said it’s just from all the toxic exposure that they get to and I never really thought about all the mercury and all the amalgams they work with and just the different chemicals and the access that they have to different drugs for their patients which maybe sometimes end up in their hands, who knows.


But after kind of doing some research and then I was sitting in 1979, which I can remember this like it happened yesterday, probably before some of you were born that are listening, somebody threw a Meric chart, which is a chart which shows the relation of the brain, spinal cord and all the viscera, the organs and glands and how if there’s any misalignment in the spine it can put pressure on various nerves which can have specific effects on specific organs depending on where there’s pressure on nerves.


I kind of looked at this chart and I go, “This seems pretty progressive. It seems really cool. It made a lot of sense to me.” Since I’ve always had, I think, now I know, I’ve always had a really good sense. I’m kind of a street smart kind of person. And I was into nutrition back then to show you how far ahead of the time I was because back then, I mean, I had teachers that didn’t think nutrition even had any effect on human health. And boy, has that sure changed.


I was into that kind of whole health thing. I was a surfer. I was into juicing and eating super clean. I was eating more macrobiotic which included a lot of grains, which I’m not so much a part of anymore. But when I saw this thing with chiropractic, it resonated with my kind of core values as far as preventative health care and working with the power inside and the doctors within. All those things resonated with me and the whole philosophy which was espoused back in the 1895. This is stuff that the DD and BJ Palmer taught back in the early days. It still really holds true today. I mean, some of the philosophies have graduated, I understand, just because science but, I mean, basically, people recognize that the body is a self healing organism and everything we can do to empower to be healthier is what we do in chiropractic.


So, I go to chiropractic school, the same one you went to, which I went in with this vision that if you had a subluxation it can affect the organs and affect the overall homeostasis of the being or the person. Then you and I went to that school and it really just turned into this whole just back pain. I mean, we weren’t even, I mean, I was taught that it was a dangerous to adjust people’s necks. Right now, as a doctor, in my practice, my practice is half pediatrics. I work with a lot of kids. I work with a lot of pregnant women as well.


The schools were good for teaching us things I don’t think we really need to learn. I mean, I’ve been listening to a lot of Jim Sigafoose who was an early chiropractor about just we really don’t need to diagnose people because I don’t care if their diagnosis is a [0:14:25] [Indiscernible] or it’s cancer. I’m going to do the same thing that I’m going to do. I don’t do what I do depending on what you’re diagnosis is. What I do is I do what I do, which is remove subluxation and allow the body to express more of its innate potential.


So, going to the school didn’t really help my philosophy. In fact, it robbed me off of that philosophy. When I got to the school, I suffered the first couple of years and it wasn’t until a couple of people saw more, they saw more value in me than I saw in myself, that I went to DE which is a seminar back in Atlanta called Dynamic Essentials, and that’s where I really got rebirth into chiropractic and its philosophy and I became ultimately successful.




So then what I did is I created Dead Chiropractic Society so other chiropractors, especially students, I mean, I really opened it up to the students at LACC, to come down and at least see both sides of the story. I mean, because at school, you’re going to get the more scientific allopathic back pain model. And then when you come here you’re going to get more of a holistic vitalistic real chiropractic model.


Do what you want with it. If you want to stay a back pain doctor, which to me seems really freaking boring, or if you want to be somebody that really ultimately changes a person’s life. And then from DCS, working with all these different speakers, I created Cal Jam, which we have anybody from, like we had Kennedy speak last year, Roberto Kennedy, Jr. speak, we have Alex Jones to Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Dr. Mercola, you name it, David Wolfe. I mean, we’ve had the who’s who at that event, Josh Axe.


Again, I’m still continually working to get more and more people. My main goal this year is to get Kelly Slater like I talked to you about since you have contact with him.


Lindsey: Let’s go, Kelly.


Billy: Yeah. Get on the horse, baby. I mean, are you afraid? I know he’s not afraid. I surfed with him in [0:16:29] [Indiscernible]. He’s like one of the greatest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s a great representative for the sport of surfing because he’s a sharp cat. He makes surfing look like the sport that it should be, which is the king, the sport of kings, is what it is.


And I also would like to get Woody Harrelson. So, I’m putting on my feelers out to get him there because I’ve really gotten into health and healing not only as far as humans are concerned but also health and healing as far as the planet is concerned. I know he’s really big on promoting global sustainability. There is kind of my story right there.


Lindsey: I love it. I love it. Let’s talk a little bit about your practice and then I’ll kind of jump all over the place because there’s so much to talk to you about. But you mentioned pediatrics. I don’t think we’ve had anybody on the podcast talk about chiro and pediatrics.


Billy: You’ve got to be kidding me.


Lindsey: No. Not yet, not like so in depth.


Billy: So, you would have them deliver it but you don’t do anything after–


Lindsey: We stopped there. No, I’m kidding. No, but we do, like all across the United States, all of our regional directors recommend that mom and baby both get checked after birth. Yeah, I just want you to elaborate on some of that and all the pediatrics that you have in your practice.


Billy: Well, I mean, I take care of people based on how I take care of myself and I know how much I value being taken care of chiropractically. I mean, I get adjusted literally, I mean, three to four times a week. And I’ve got a job where I’m bending over all day plus I do extreme sports. I’m 59 and I’m not some young kid and, I mean, I’m still super, super active. People usually they don’t believe me when I tell them I’m 59 years old. I attribute a lot of that, the longevity and my energy and lack of spinal degeneration which we can talk about in a little bit, due to the fact that I get adjusted regularly.


I mean, even people get it. They understand that if they eat healthy and they eat high vibrancy foods, actually, if they just eat food and f they exercise and if they think healthy happy thoughts, but the one spoke in the wheel that the most people don’t get is tuning their nervous system and establishing normal mobility in the spine and keeping your spine healthy.


I mean, thinking about going to dentistry was all about taking care of your teeth, brushing, flossing, having regular visits to the dentist. Again, I’ve never had a filling in my mouth. I’ve never had any dental procedures in my mouth. And it’s only because I was, as a kid, I was taught to do the brushing and flossing. I’m like almost obsessive about brushing my teeth just because it’s just that’s the way I am. I probably brush my teeth three or four times a day.


And that came from my mom. But it’s the same thing true with your spine. If you take care of your spine and your nervous system through regular chiropractic care, properly applied chiropractic care, because there’s going to be different philosophies within the profession. Some chiropractors just basically manipulate. There’s not really any specificity in what they do and they really have no objective in so far as a pre and post when a person is done and when a person goes on maintenance. All that we have laid out in my practice.




You use objective measurements i.e. I use thermograms and also I use x-rays to determine that. But the thing is, if you want your kids to express 100% of their potential and i.e. have high levels of immune function, being healthier, I think it’s important that people get their kids checked in a periodic basis. Things like scoliosis, I’m not going to give any stats because I’ve had people jump up. The research people want to see my stats.


But it’s just obvious to me if you’ve got upper cervical subluxation, which means upper neck subluxation, for me, it’s like birth trauma. It can potentiate the development of things like scoliosis. I mean, I work with people with scoliosis. If you’ve got things that are out of alignment and we correct those things, the scoliosis will either be gone or, obviously, decreased. And I’ve seen that so many — I mean, 32 years of practice, I’ve seen that hands down.


Then again, there’s some scoliosis we worked with that it seems to be there’s nothing that we can really do to stop the progress but that’s super, super, super rare. I mean, my objective with kids is, sure, most people bring me their kids when the kids are sick but the reality is they should be bringing their kids like from what you said for the kids to be checked after birth and then, basically, for the rest of their lives.


Again, you’ll see the chiropractic kids not only take a lot less drugs. They have a lot less visits to the pediatrician. I think personally it develops a healthier person, a healthier gut flora, there’s some better athletic capacities, especially if the last drugs you’re taking, the better off a person is going to be as far as their health is concerned, as far as maybe even things like IQ. Especially, I mean, I’m super, super anti-vax. I don’t know if I could say that on the show, I presume

Lindsey: Well, I was just about to ask you.


Billy: But, I mean, the less toxicity you put into your kids, the healthier they’re going to be, the smarter they’re going to be, the better athletic agility they’re going to be. And then on top of that, if you start feeding them appropriately and giving them proper living foods, raw foods, mostly devoid of any type of neurotoxins, carcinogens. I mean, this stuff isn’t rocket science.


And again, I don’t have like all the data that could support it but it comes down to just common sense. If you put healthy stuff into a body, you’re going to have a healthier being. And if you’re putting toxic crap full of neurotoxins, carcinogens, allergens, all the things that people basically put in their body through vaccines, through drugs, through the food. I’m really big on teaching people how super important it is to drink healthy clean water to a point that I actually helped design two water systems, one is a drinking water system and the other is a whole house system. Again, it’s important to drink it but if you’re bathing in super toxic water you’re also creating a whole cesspool as far as your microbiome is concerned.


And the whole thing with microbiome, your microbiome which can be obliterated through drinking tap water, which is a little bit chlorine, is really your second brain. I mean, it makes a lot of neurotransmitters to your brain. It’s also a huge component of your immune system. If you’re seeing guys like Perlmutter and Wheat Belly and all these books coming out on microbiome and how important it is to nurture that.


And people in the past just done things like taking. indiscriminate use of antibiotics which, for me, I’ve never taken antibiotic in my life. I would be terrified to take one because what you’re doing is basically nuking that microbiome which is part of your team. It’s part of your whole biosphere. Your body is like it’s your own environment. You either quick polluting it and take care of it and nurture it.


Lindsey: I love that. Yeah. So, I will share with you, I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but in the last couple of years I’ve done some research into basically how I was brought into this world, what happened to me within the first two years of my life. I’ve been writing a lot. I just haven’t shared it on the BIRTHFIT blog yet. But basically I was born a month early and my parents, I love my parents to death but they basically–


Billy: They didn’t know any better.


Lindsey: They didn’t know any better.


Billy: See, my parents neither.


Lindsey: And at that time the formula, it was convenient and my mom and dad were both career driven so they were like, “Yeah, let’s get formula. Let’s get back to work, whatever, whatever.”




So, I was born a monthly early. They tried to feed me formula. I puked every day. They diagnosed me with something going on with the esophagus. Then, okay, because I wasn’t holding the formula down they switched to soy formula which now is just shit, which is even worse. And then within my first two years of life I was diagnosed with asthma. I was put on steroids. I was given antibiotics and whatever, whatever. So, like for us–


Billy: [0:25:33] [Indiscernible].


Lindsey: For sure. And so, for me, doing all this research in the birth, like in the birth process — I’ve done a lot of reading like Dr. Michelle Odent who’s a famous OB-GYN out of Paris, he calls what is, like for mammals, we have this critical period where there’s a period that’s the highest exponential growth within our life happens. And so for us, as humans, that’s from conception to the end of the first year of life. So, if you think about that, I was born a month early. I was totally f-ed, like there was no chiropractic adjustments, there’s no real food, there’s no breast milk, there was nothing. And it’s a wonder I turned out like I am now.


Billy: It’s amazing that many of us survive through the things that we put our bodies through. That what blows me away, how resilient our bodies are.


Lindsey: Totally, totally. So, maybe a little bit expand on, because I know you mentioned you are anti-vax. When people asked me what my opinion is about that, I usually ask them like three or four more questions. And I’m really excited that the conversation is coming up more and more now, things like — Because in school, I was exposed to, or in chiropractic school, when I entered in 2006, I was exposed to you and then the second people I heard talk at DCS was Dr. Tim O’Shea.


I was like, “Oh my god, who is this guy? This makes all the sense in the world.” And even for me, being out of chiropractic school, I was ridiculed for my philosophy on that. And granted, it’s the chiropractic school we were at, but, yeah, maybe elaborate a little bit about your research and what you’ve discovered as far as vaccines go.


Billy: Well, the thing that you kind of mentioned too is this is a great time to talk about the vaccine issue because you’re seeing more and more and more information coming out everywhere. Like I’ve said, I mean, I know what I know and I know it’s the truth and there’s no way somebody is going to try to convince to stick needles in my kids or in my animals to try to artificially synthetically drug based with all the toxins and all that crap that’s in vaccines to improve immunity. It’s just not even conceptually possible.


I would rather nurture that inner doctor within by doing things congruent with natural order. I mean, there’s a certain order. I mean, there’s an order to the universe. There’s an order to the intelligence of life. And you can’t bend or break rules and synthetically jump start things without having some type of negative repercussions later. You just can’t do it. I mean, if you understand how universal law works.


So, any time you go outside those rules that have been in existence since the beginning of time, which there is no beginning of time because time never begins and never ends, then you’ll start to realize that by doing such dogmatic almost religious acts, I mean, to me vaccination is probably one of the most heinous religious sacrileges that is on the planet. But that’s only because people had been brainwashed to believe it.


Now, a lot of times people want to give me shit about the fact that I’m not a real doctor and I don’t have the degrees to talk about vaccines. Well, I’d like to remind everybody that I have a degree in chemistry from Cal State Fullerton with an emphasis in biochemistry and human physiology. It’s not like I don’t know what I’m talking about.


But the bottom line is it doesn’t even take somebody with a degree to start to read and rationalize the truth about this because when you read all the bullshit that is spewed out by the medical community which lacks really into research to support all their claims about getting rid of polio and getting rid of small pox. Those are questions I had to get over too. These things, the stuff disappear but what really got rid of it, was it the vaccine or was it just the fact that we cleaned up public health?




So, that’s when I started really getting into reading. I’m like an incessant reader. I read at least an hour every night I got to bed. I’ve really gotten into reading about CBDs, which is a product from hemp because that’s one of the products we just came out with Cal Jam line. We might want to talk about that later.


I read books and the majority of the book, like I just — I read Suzanne Humphries’ book and Susan is an MD. She’s a nephrologist. The thing is, and the reality is a lot of medical doctors are coming this way. And the ones that aren’t coming over yet, I think a lot of it has to do with pride. It has to do with, yeah, what they learned in school was 180 degrees wrong. Their whole curriculum is pretty much predicated by what pharmaceutical industry wants to them to teach.


So, literally, these doctors are — It’s not that doctors are bad. I mean, they are nice people and in their heart they feel they’re doing the right thing. But the problem is they were brainwashed into the system from day one, that the body isn’t capable of creating some of the immune system and it has to be done through pharmakeia, it has to be done by the magic of drugs and injections, that the body is stupid, it needs to have this.


But we as chiropractors think completely different. I mean, I always say if a body can take a sperm cell and egg cell and bring those two cells together and then that intelligence has the capacity to diversity into 75 trillion different cells and creating human life, it knows what the F it’s doing and it doesn’t need any of this bullshit help from man. In fact, man needs to get out of the way.


I mean, I don’t know where yet with everything with BIRTHFIT but, I mean, I’m against all the shit that people do for the whole — I don’t understand why you would go ultrasound your baby. What are you going to learn from that other than the sex of the baby? But I look at the fact that those ultrasounds probably in some way have some type of negative side effects.


Lindsey: For sure.


Billy: That’s going to far outweigh any benefit you’re going to get from it. What are you going to do? If your kid has some type of supposed birth defect, you’re not going to abort the kid. I mean, if that’s the way you think maybe you have to then have ultrasounds but if you’re not that kind of person I don’t understand what — See, again, people have been brainwashed to lose faith in their body’s capacity to deliver a baby anymore.


I just look at the whole. I mean, I study the animal world too. I mean, you can look that a cat can go in the garage and have a litter of seven kittens under the car without any freaking intervention. You look at every other animal on this planet that still lives congruent to gene expression and its genetic potential and they can have, they don’t have to run to Hoag and have fucking C-sections and all the drugs they pump in and then all of a sudden they’re born and they need their eyes cleared out and they need hepatitis B shots and then they need vitamin K.


It’s just like the system keeps pushing for more and more and more to a point where now we’re seeing that they’re trying to influence pregnant women to get like vaccines. I know there is — Somebody promoted, mentioned this to me the other day. What they’re trying to do, they want these kids to be born with autism so it doesn’t look like it’s coming from the vaccines. So, what they’re doing is they’re injecting them as when they’re fetuses.


It’s just amazing to see how far the medical profession will push that façade which they call health care. It’s not health care. It’s disease care. I think, in my opinion, a lot of medical care creates a lot more health problems than it actually helps. But that’s my opinion, I mean, I stay away from doctors. Like you said, our parents should know any better but my dad was also super, super cheap. And that’s because he had to because he had five kids he had to take care of. My mom was a stay at home mom.


We never ever went to the doctor. My dad didn’t like doctors either. So, we’ve never, I’ve never taken drugs. I mean, it wasn’t just until I had that bad snowboarding injury that I actually had to take some oxycontin just so I could actually move. So, that’s my little dissertation. And if people want to argue with me on it, I’m not here to say to everybody, I’ve done like 30,000 hours of reading and research and just digging everywhere I can.


I mean, that’s what I do. I dig through research and I read everything that I can, just come up with opinions that’s based on really facts that I’ve gleaned from everything that I’ve read. It’s not like — There’s nothing in it for me financially. People go, “You just do that step because it increases your bottom line.” Dude, I’m teaching people to live without drugs, is all I’m trying to teach them. I’m not saying get them adjusted or anything. I’m saying just do the research. Ultimately, because I really care about the future for these kids.




And when you see the epidemic and this is an epidemic whether people want to label it or not, what you want to call it, we have an increased more diagnosis. We have an epidemic of autism, one in 40 kids is now autistic, and it’s only going to get worse with continued vaccination and with the forced vaccination programs.


I mean, if your shit’s so good, why do you have to force them on people? The reality is, because that system is sinking like a rock. There’s so many holes in that dike and they’re trying to keep that system propped up in any way that they can because the light is being shown on the wise, it had been perpetuated through society about the biggest scam ever which happens to be vaccine, end of story.


Lindsey: Yeah.


Billy: I hope that didn’t–


Lindsey: I love that rant.


Billy: The thing is, you’ve also got — You look at chiropractors and you look at like my family, I mean, we don’t vaccinate and we look at our relative health compared — I mean, we don’t get vaccinated. We never go to doctors. We’ve never taken pills. And then you look at the opposite. You look at people. They’re born in hospitals, they’ve got all their vaccines, they’re always sick, they’re always at the pediatrician, they’re always on antibiotics, they’re taking their ADHD drugs, they’re on their albuterol. I mean, it’s just, it’s not hard to look at reality and see what’s going on.


Lindsey: Right. So, in the big discussion in the vaccine world or the vaccine talk is that there’s–


Billy: Here’s the thing though. Why are these guys afraid to debate us? We set, let’s put up a public debate and let’s talk this out. But you got guys like Pan that are pushing 277 and the SB18, those guys are afraid to death to have any conversation about it because they’re freaking idiots and they don’t even know what they’re talking about. They haven’t done the research. They do the same puppet show from the whole programming they got through school and haven’t done any real research to find out the reality what’s going on with the vaccines and how toxic they are.


Lindsey: Right. And I think, the biggest, like you said, they’re scared to have that conversation or debate. Well, the biggest thing is nobody has done a study to compare like your family or your kiddos or whoever that’s been non-vaccinated versus vaccinated and I don’t know if that will happen, right?


Billy: No. Because he’s going to pay for — The good people always want to see my research. Well, the pharmaceutical industry does research basically so that they can prove that their products are something that has merit and has efficacy and there’s safety there. They’re not going to do research to do things like show that CBDs cures cancer because they’re invested in chemo and radiation. They’re invested in their game and they’re not going to do research to actually dispel the fact that their stuff doesn’t work and at the same time it doesn’t work and it’s also hugely, it’s very, very dangerous.


They’re not going to actually do research to prove that safer alternatives are actually a much better choice for people. I mean, they’re just to make money and I understand that. There’s nothing wrong with making money. But when money goes too far and actually promotes an agenda, that’s when it starts to get a little — when you get corporate greed in the way of really true science–


Lindsey: Of humanity, yeah.


Billy: A lot of the science — Yeah, yeah. A lot of the science that’s coming out is just bogus science just to kind of keep that whole agenda propped up.


Lindsey: Yeah. So, tell us about the CBD oils.


Billy: Well, I mean, I’ve just really gotten into it just because of–


Lindsey: How did you get into it?


Billy: I grew up in the ’70s so I’ve always had that. I mean, I used to have a grow room and, I mean, I’ve always loved the plant. I mean, I’ve always loved — When I was a kid I used to grow corn, not GMO corn, I used to grow real corn. I used to grow squash. I had a full vegetable garden as a kid and then I always was just amazed. Like you could plant a seed and you’d get to all these food out of it.


When I was 21 or 22, I experimented with hydroponics and metal halide lights back in the day when if I would have gotten caught in a bedroom and I grew pot back in the day, not to sell it, not to make money, just because I enjoyed growing it and I ended up getting it all the way to be honest with you, all my brothers and sisters and all my friends. And then all this stuff kind of started coming out about CBD and cancer and CBDs and epilepsy and how it can prevent joint pain.


And I just started doing more and more research and I go, this is going to be the next way to the future. And again, I want people to understand I don’t look at it as a treatment. I mean, chiropractic doesn’t treat autism. It doesn’t treat cancer. What chiropractic does is it elevates the person’s expression. It doesn’t even elevate it. It just gets it back to level because a lot of times just through postural issues and spinal degeneration and misalignment and stress on the nervous system, we not function 100% of our potential.




What chiropractic does is it gets us and allows us to get closer to the 100% of expression. Now, with the CBDs, there’s a whole system that it’s just been discovered that’s called the ECS, endocannabinoid system, which is in our body and it almost mirrors exactly the highest level of neurology that’s going to be found right along where the spine is. It follows kind of the whole course of central nervous system and the periphery of the organs.


And what we’re finding is that system is really responsible for promoting homeostasis or balance in the body and what we’re seeing is a lot of people have a deficiency from toxicity, these endocannabinoids, and they have problems with everything from anxiety to cancer. So, by supplementing the body with things like CBD, which is short of cannabidiol, how do you want to say it, it helps with a lot of these issues.


It allows the body to come back to homeostasis and heals itself. Okay, so I look at things like would I rather have my kid with seizures on phenobarbital or I would rather give my kid cannabinoid, which comes from the hemp plant, the big thing that everybody wants to freak out about is the psychoactive part which is THC. There’s very little THC in these cannabis plants that are specifically grown for the healing cannabinoids and the medicinal cannabinoids.


So, I mean, and again, I don’t see why personally, I mean, some people want to point at the evil weed and say, “Well, we don’t want to have anything to do because this is the gateway drug.” Well, let’s talk apples to oranges, folks, and it really pisses me off. In fact, as a kid, I’ve never understood why we have something that is known as destructive to human health as alcohol is legal, which has been shown to be 110 times more dangerous and more toxic and has, I mean, you get 150,000 deaths just a year in America from alcohol where we have zero for marijuana.


That whole negative stigma that has been promoted about cannabis and marijuana was just promoted by, again, the cartels, the cotton cartel, DuPont obviously wanted to get rid of hemp because we could make paint and varnish out of it. We also have the cotton industry. Then William Hearst who was into paper, he owns all these forests, he also owned newspapers. He was the one that really vilified marijuana as this thing that black people and Mexican smoke and then they go out and rape all the white women.


This is the kind of the dogma that was pushed out in the ’30s to get that whole Marijuana Tax Act to create prohibition for marijuana. So, again, it was all stemmed out of you’ve got these cartels that were trying to create this monopolistic control over the paper industry, the paint and varnish industry with  DuPont, the cotton industry, linen, the ropes. Actually, the declaration of independence was written on hemp paper and it was in a period back in the day that everyone grew hemp because hemp was a huge source of everything from linens to paper but it was also, it was a major food product.


If you look at like hemp seeds, they are a complete amino acid. They have a better omega three to six ratio than fish oil without the toxicity of the mercury. But the thing that I’m really excited about is not only the economic explosion that will happen as soon as it gets recognized for what it is and all the stigmas — it’s just like the stigma that people have for chiropractic. They’re all unfounded. They’re all basically promoted by a medical cartel that wanted to exclude any participation in health care via chiropractic.


They vilify us because they wanted to monopolize health care. They don’t want people to have choices or options. But I look at things like protecting, I mean, with, with Cal Jam, we’re into global sustainability. I’m doing a shitload of reading on it because I want to know this stuff because when somebody comes at me with whatever their bogus argument is I want to be able to nail them to a cross, is what I’m saying.


But the reality is, if we took hemp and planted it back and like where these farmers are basically going BEK [Phonetic] in the Midwest and stuff and we started growing hemp and use it for things like paper, but we could also use the seeds to produce hemp oil which would probably help us get off the glut of fossil fuels will help us with the environment. But the thing I’m most excited about is they’ve looked at the marijuana plant, the hemp plant, which can again, the plant utilized for growing medicinal CBD products, that plant has one of the highest photosynthetic capacities of any plant on the planet.




I mean, if you’ve seen this stuff, this stuff will grow like a weed because it is a weed. It knows how to take sun and convert it into biomass more than any other plant on the planet to a point where — I read this stat — in an acre of hemp you can grow four times the biomass that you could grow in a forest that takes 20 years to harvest. So, what we’re doing is we’re decimating all these forests, we’re creating deforestation on the planet, and then we got this planet that’s supposed to breathe and take up the carbon dioxide that we give off to respiration and we have this carbon load that everybody keeps talking about, it’s creating all this global acidity and destroying and killing [0:45:44] [Indiscernible].


But what if grew the hemp plants and we basically reforested the planet with something that we could harvest every year annually, not only is it good for getting rid of the carbon dioxide load because, again, it’s going to take in the carbon dioxide and give us more oxygen, but it’s going to help replenish the soil with a lot of the nutrients it needs and create — So, we’re supposed to go through crop rotation. And at the same time it can create its own micro climate.


So, if you got a dust bowl, you got a dust bowl. But if you actually get plants that will grow very easily, it creates its own micro climate and we can actually bring back some of the water to those areas. And the thing that I love about hemp is it takes no pesticides, no herbicides, and a lot of the processes, everything from making concrete out of it too, making clothes, and all the things. it’s so less toxic for the environment that I see it as a — That’s why I’m really excited about trying to get Woody Harrelson at Cal Jam because he’s all over that stuff.


Again, people look at, “Oh my god, people smoking.” Again, if somebody gets high, then you go buy a bottle of mine and that’s cool and I understand that you different — You’ve got your Bordeaux and you’ve got your cabarnets and your merlots. I mean, I understand. That’s the way people — But I look at why is that any different for somebody that is a connoisseur of recreational marijuana. I think people should have the right to decide what they put in the body.


Nobody is screaming about all the sugar people put in their bodies, which happens probably to be the biggest killer on the planet. Nobody is screaming about all the drugs people are taking that are really super toxic like nicotine, alcohol. And alcohol is a drug and alcohol is actually what I would consider one of the first gateway to drugs because I don’t know how many people smoke pot before they drink but I know, as a kid, I drank way before I ever smoked pot.


But I also really think that vaccines are the true gateway drug because it teaches people from the very beginning that God didn’t create you complete or whole and that you need these drugs injected from day one to make you complete. And, I think, that it just perpetuates their whole life. So I hope I haven’t blown too many people away with the whole cannabis thing but I just see a potential there not only to put a lot of, you know, people back at work in this country but also just, I mean, it could just create this huge economic boom for these starting farmers.


We have Farm Aid every year. We’re trying to give back. And the thing is, like an acre of hemp grown, it net profits 250, I think, an acre, which doesn’t sound like a lot of money to me but if you’ve got 10,000 acres that’s $2.5 million. Whereas, I think, we’re growing corn and soy beans. I think they’re netting maybe 20 or 30 bucks an acre. And that’s why we as taxpayers have to subsidize a lot of that stuff. And the problem is all that stuff needs herbicides, pesticides, most of which is GMO, which means it’s being sprayed with glyphosate. I mean, I could go on and on and on and on and on. Especially if you want to talk about all the medicinal applications and how it helps everything, like I said, from cancer to–


Lindsey: Yeah, talk about cancer a little bit. Because, I mean, it’s prevailing.


Billy: Well, I mean, just Google it. I mean, again, you can — There’s just so much going on out there. Again, there’s not going to be the research done by the pharmaceutical industry to a point. And that’s what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to isolate the molecule out of cannabis plant so that’s why we haveMarinol, we have these different drugs that they actually — So, they thought it was THC that gave these medicinal benefits. And then they synthesize it so that they can then pack it and then they can sell it because they created and they made, they synthesized that drug so they can sell it for higher prices.


And then again they’re going to do research to promote their product. But the reality, with cannabis, like any other — I look at it, it’s just the next super food. That’s the way I look at it.




That’s why I take it daily and it helps me with a lot of things like anxiety, sleep. Because, I mean, with all the things I got going on, you can tell just my energy from talking, I’m always going a million miles an hour. For me, it’s just something that I supplement in my diet to create more balance. And I’ve been sleeping a lot better. I don’t have like these — I put them in Cal Jam which is a big show. I used to get these waves of anxiety and it was like I wouldn’t sleep some nights and it sucked.


And I haven’t had those issues since I’ve been really supplementing my diet with it. This is the way I look at it, okay? I just look at, with cancer, you got things like chemo and you got things like radiation, I’m going to do this, like the most antiquated form of, it’s not even healthcare, disease care. Again, you look at a lot of oncologists and you talk to them and they wouldn’t do — Most oncologists wouldn’t do to themselves or their family what they promote to patients.


I was just on that snowboarding trip in Canada and I was with a neurosurgeon. He’s talking to me about his neck and arm pain and he says, “The last thing I’m going to do is have neurosurgery on my neck.” Because these guys know the truth. And the same with oncologists. They don’t want to put their family and their friends and themselves through something that they know that doesn’t work. I mean, it works maybe 3% of the time. And the reality is if you go and look at the history of things like cannabinoids and marijuana and how it’s used medicinally, I mean, it’s being then utilized before recorded time and used it extensively.


And the thing about CBD is that it has potential to kill cannabis cells specifically but it doesn’t attack healthy cells and it also stops the development — When you have a tumor growing, the body wants to create more blood supply to the area so it builds this new anastomosis or this new — increases the vascularity or blood supply to the tumor. What the cannabinoids do is it stops that development of more–


Lindsey: More blood supply.


Billy: Or blood supply, right. And that’s the whole thing. I look at the way we treat cancer today. It’s so backwards. It’s like if I had cancer I’d go full ketogenic diet. Stop feeding the cancer. Cancer loves sugar. I would go full alkaline diet, totally alkalize my body. I would do hyperbaric oxygen. I would do GcMAF which is a whole other thing. That’s what they were killing all these doctors over because we’re literally killing — They’re killing these doctors because they were using this GcMAF stuff which is a microphage activating factor to kill cancer but they were also seeing great results with kids in autism.


The reality is they do not want us healthy because then they don’t sell all the crap that they sell to us. And if you look at the United States, we rank last as far as countries as far as we have running water, we have toilets and we have ample food. We spend more money on health care than any other country and we still rank last. That should tell people maybe we’re looking in the wrong direction and people need to go and look inside to decide where they should get their health.


And then people go, “Why do I need to supplement with CBD?” If CBD was a huge contributor to our diet, that pre-prohibition of THC or marijuana you’ll see that we ate it as food, the animals used to eat it as food, so say kill the deer and ate the deer, I’m not saying that’s what you should do. I’m just saying if you did, if you’re a hunter-gatherer, you’re going to get CBDs through the food. But now that we’ve eliminated, we have no access to CBDs in our diet anymore. That’s why we become CBD deficient.


And that’s why you need to supplement it. Until we start getting it back into our diets, you’re going to probably need to supplement. Again, things like the stress and all the chemistry that we are up against on a daily basis as far as toxicity, all those factors are going to contribute to actually decreasing your body’s capacity to really come up with its own endocannabinoids because your body makes things like anandamide, it makes other constituents that are similar to CBD or actually affect the same receptors in the body, neurologic receptors in the body. So, that’s why it’s important that people supplement because of the fact that we don’t get it in our diet anymore.


Lindsey: Makes sense.


Billy: Yeah, it totally makes sense. And you look at human breast milk. There’s CBDs in human breast milk.


Lindsey: So, there you go.


Billy: Yeah, there you go.


Lindsey: The body makes it. Where can people find some of your CBD oils?




Billy: They can go to our website. We have them there, if you look at Cal Jam CBDs. And we’re just starting this. I mean, I just literally rolled this out in February. We’re coming out, the new website should be done within a week. It will probably be just caljamcbds by then. I mean, we’ve got just a few products. I picked the most important products, I think, people should have. We have a salve that doctors and patients can use for muscular-skeletal complaints.


And I like to throw this challenge out to anybody. Try this stuff once and you tell me it doesn’t work. It works so good your patients will demand that you have it. It’s like I took it on that snowboard trip with me to Canada. Everybody is freaked out that I was traveling with cannabis. I’m going to freaking Canada. They’re more liberal than we are as far as their laws are concerned. I didn’t have any concerns about taking that or anything else up there for that matter.


And used it on some people and it was unbelievable. The same thing with my practice. People get amazing relief from it because of the fact that it’s hugely anti-inflammatory. It’s not only an anti-inflammatory like a fish oil is but it also works with a lot of the pain receptors in the body and works in specific parts of the brain that are maybe overactive because of the fact that we’re deficient in CBD. I can’t stop talking about it because I’m so hammered by–


Lindsey: You’re so pumped about it.


Billy: I am very pumped about it. I think that’s going to be the next huge wave as far as super foods, human nutrition, but also I’m looking at the economic repercussions about it becoming again a staple as far as agricultural products in the United States and giving people back jobs and creating a whole new industry which needs to happen. The whole thing has all been promoted on, it’s been vilified, it’s all been based on lies, and the benefits not only people can glean from having CBDs but also, like I said, global sustainability. There’s just things that you just can’t review.


Lindsey: Right. So, since people are going to this website, California Jam, why don’t you, .org, why don’t you tell people what Cal Jam is?


Billy: Well, Cal Jam is an event for two days, three days if you’re a chiropractor because on the third day we do x-ray for doctors that need x-ray credits. So, the doctors get 18 hours of CE and we do it in a very stellar opulent opera house in Orange County, Segestrom Center for the Arts, same place they have weekend plays and all the symphonies are there.


I want to do some place other than a freaking hotel. I wanted to raise the bar and we definitely raise the bar. And then I have a complete, not only do we have a production team there with this center but then I hired a production team that works with, they’ve worked with bands like the Black Keys, he worked with Prince in the past, he worked with the Eagles. And he works a lot with the center so it was kind of like this marriage made in heaven because not only do we have great speakers on everything from chiropractic, obviously, to pediatrics. I mean, Jeanne Ohm has talked about natural childbirth as well. I’m sure you’ve probably had Jeanne on your show already, right?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Billy: Okay.


Lindsey: I did an early podcast with her like two weeks ago.


Billy: Perfect.


Lindsey: Yeah. Last year was a big push in the vaccines just because of 277 and I’m just trying to create more awareness with that. But we also talked about global sustainability. I talked about geo engineering which is also known as chemtrails. I know some people don’t want to believe that. So, whatever to them. Whatever you want to believe, you believe. We talked about GMO. We’ve had discussions on Fukushima, which is still a huge issue.


I talked about things to increase human potential but at the same time also create global sustainability through natural health care. Again, none of this, we don’t promote any drugs or anything like that. And then between the speakers, and we have dynamic speakers. Now, I can really get almost any speaker I want so I can kind of set my wish list whoever I want. Plus my budget increased a little bit. But we have music that we play between the speakers to keep the energy high. And then music usually also kind of ties into a theme or like if we’re doing an anti-vaccine song, we’ll do Shoot to Kill, which is by ACDC. It’s really Shoot to Thrill but we named it Shoot to Kill.




Or we did an anti-vaccine song, Children of the Grave by Black Sabbath. So, we play music and [1:00:09] [Indiscernible] obviously got a little more edge to it and then the music had — I mean, you’re not going to have an anti-vaccine song and it’s not going to be like some Muskrat Love or some Kumbaya song. It’s got to have some balls to it or ovaries to it to really kind of give — Because that’s what music does for me. It creates a certain — I get a feeling when I listen to music.


Lindsey: Feeling, yeah.


Billy: You know what I mean? Like I play on my guitar and I go, it sounds really pretty and lovely and happy and then I can play something that’s got little more evil, kind of gnarly, kind of different, like a metal kind of sound to it. We play everything from reggae to heavy metal to country. People try to talk me into playing some rap music but I really kind of missed that generation. It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just that I’m not familiar with a lot of it. I don’t know if they call it rap. They call it hip hop, is what they call it.


Lindsey: Hip hop.


Billy: Love it.


Lindsey: That’s kind of what Cal Jam is. It’s really just a love fest. It’s actually a group of people all come together that are really all on the same page. One of my best friends came who I surfed travel with a lot and I’ve been asking him to come for like nine years and, finally — not this year but the year before last — He came and he was there and he was literally crying. I go, “Dude, what are you crying about?” I was kind of like hackling him a little bit and he goes, “This event was so amazing. I can’t believe it took me nine years to get here.”


He actually came to our event and he felt like he was with people that understood the same things that he understood. He felt like he wasn’t on that island anymore. It was just so refreshing for him to be in a room with 2500 people that actually see the reality of what’s going on on the planet and the direction we’re headed. But he also was very ecstatic about the positive direction and how we’re trying to create awareness so we can create the necessary changes to really sustain the future for our kids pretty much.


I’m 59. I’ve already lived a rock star life. I’m not saying I want to die today but there’s not too many people that have lived as exciting a life as I have and I’m very grateful and thankful for that. But that’s just because that’s, you design your life. People might complain and bitch about shit. They just need to look in their goddamn mirror and there’s your answer, pal. Set your goals, say your affirmations, visualize what you want, all the stuff that we went over the last DCS, but then get off your ass and make it happen. That’s the way it is.


You can pray to Jesus all you want but Jesus wants you to get off your ass and do something about it. He’s not going to just [1:02:47] [Indiscernible] silver platter. That’s why we do podcasts like this. We’re always pushing things. We’re always communicating or letting people know where we’re at and what we’re doing. You and I would do this stuff whether we got paid to do it or not. I mean, [1:03:03] [Indiscernible] promote Cal Jam, I promote [1:03:06] [Indiscernible]. That’s not the way I got on the show. I got on the show because I love what you’re doing with your movement and bringing back natural childbirth. That’s the way it should be.


And until people see the light, we’re going to continue down this whole road where everybody is having — I mean, Jeanne Ohm said it. She’s the reason we see so many C-sections anymore is because they’re trying to breathe the capacity out of women to birth naturally. I mean, it’s not rocket science to see that’s going on.


Lindsey: We’re completely selecting against our species by doing that. It’s wild.


Billy: And you know the benefits of going through a vaginal health. You get through the whole mircobiome. Again, we know that it stimulates specific reflexes that are important for normal development. I don’t know if there’s a lot of research in this and I heard it somewhere in my journey that it causes cranial molding, it helps — And do you have research on that?


Lindsey: I don’t have research.


Billy: On the cranial?


Lindsey: Right. But I’m guessing SOT does.


Billy: [1:04:13] [Indiscernible].


Lindsey: Right.


Billy: Right. And there’s also some theory about even the spine going through a normal, that needs it for normal development. And again, some scoliosis may be attributed to the fact that we have so many C sections anymore. But I think it all has to do with just the barbaric nature of where birth trauma has gone. Again, we’re trying to birth the baby, it’s sympathetic, and when the baby needs to be born, it’s parasympathetic. And when you’re trying to force up and you’re going to have the need for drugs, you’re going to have the need for intervention, that’s just where we’re at right now.


And if you get back in your groove and play by the rules and you live congruent to natural order and work with the powers of the universe, you’re not going to need all this stuff on the same degree that we are seeing it today because people are just trying to birth a baby against the grain.




And when you try to do that, it’s not going to work right. It’s common sense again. It doesn’t take a rocket science and I don’t need any research to support that, in my opinion.


Lindsey: Right. If you try to go against it, yeah, when going against it, it just starts a whole cascade of effects. Once you’re in, it’s really hard to get out.


Billy: Yet you can’t go away.


Lindsey: You can’t.


Billy: Once you go down the rabbit hole.


Lindsey: Yeah. What’s on top for Cal Jam next year? This year was the love tour.


Billy: Next year is the high voltage tour. So, it’s going to be about raising and elevating energies next year. So, we might have a little bit more vibration and then music. The topics will be a little bit more over the top, pushing the envelope more.


Lindsey: Do you have any confirmed speakers that we can reveal?


Billy: Yeah. I’ve got Sherri Tenpenny’s coming back, who I love. And I love Suzanne Humphries.


Lindsey: Oh, she’s great.


Billy: Josh will actually be coming back. Like I said, I’m trying to — Mercola is probably kind of back. I just have to iron out some details with him. And if people have any ideas of people they you want to hear speak I’m more than all ears. But like I said, I want to get Kelly there, global sustainability issue and also Woody Harrelson. We’ll probably have some — I’ve reached out to Ty Bollinger because he’s big on the–


Lindsey: He’s great, yeah.


Billy: — truths about cancer. Plus the thing is I like having — People want to know, “How come you don’t put me up on Cal Jam?” “I will someday when you have a big following.” It’s easier for you to sell tickets if I get on Erin Elizabeth who’s got 600,000 following her on Facebook. She did a great job. She sold more tickets than anybody last year.


Lindsey: She actually just posted something today on Instagram about how she’s in her 40s and doesn’t do regular mammograms and it was so great to see that discussion go on on Instagram. Love it.


Billy: Yeah. Even as mundane, I don’t know if you knew this one but we do thermograms here for women as an alternative mammogram. Do you know that?


Lindsey: At your office? No.


Billy: Yeah, my office. We do those on Tuesday or Thursday mornings. I have Claire O’Neill. I work with Claire O’Neill on that. I’m the satellite office that [1:07:42] [Indiscernible] here.


Lindsey: Oh, nice.


Billy: Yeah. So, I mean, you look at things like thermograms will pick up cancer seven to eight years before a mammogram will plus you’re not — In my opinion, I think, mammograms cause more cancer than detect. Plus you look at them in typical mammogram you’re only visualizing 3% of the breast tissue. There’s another 70% that you’re missing that the thermogram pick up on.


And then you look at if a person did have a tumor or cancer and you’re using 65 pounds of pressure on that breast you have the propensity and possibility of spreading that cancer and metastasizing that cancer. That’s what cancer really is, and what the body, what it does is try to isolate the tumor cells and put them inside of a tumor, encapsulate them and then we come along and we do mammograms and we burst the tumor or we do biopsy and we spread it around.


Rather than doing things like, if I have breast cancer, which I probably won’t get, whatever cancer, if I get prostate cancer, like I said, I would do all the simple stuff. I do hyperbaric oxygen. I would do frigging — I mean, that’s the other thing I’m trying to get across to people, the truth about cancer, and you guys don’t have freaking one chiropractor up here? I mean, we all know chiropractic improves immune function because it removes interference and allows a person to express at a higher frequency. That’s what I attribute that after 32 years of practice. I never miss a day once for being sick.


Lindsey: That’s huge.


Billy: Yeah. It’s just we know and you see it in your practice. You’ll have patients that go, “Well, everybody at my work is sick. [1:09:26] [Indiscernible].” That’s because you’re freaking getting adjusted. You eat right. You’re living a chiropractic lifestyle, which is a lifestyle. Don’t get me started on that.


Lindsey: Well, that was my next question. What would you say would be the three to four keys to living a healthy lifestyle?


Billy: Well, I think, number one is do something you love for what you do for a living. I think chiropractics, I mean, in my opinion, everyone should be on a chiropractic care unless they’re in a hurry to go see Jesus or whoever you’re going to about see.




And then I just think everyone should live really congruent to genetics. So, one, be happy, and part of being happy is loving what you do for a living. Two, get adjusted. Three, I mean, that encompasses the eating and exercise and meditation, all that stuff that’s super important to keep us balanced. And under the nutrition you can have the subset of CBDs as part of a lifestyle thing too.


Lindsey: Love it.


Billy: Those are my three keys. And surfing. I love surfing. It keeps me balanced. It’s a form of grounding. It’s my spiritual connection. That’s four, I’m sorry.


Lindsey: You can say four.


Billy: Are you married? You’re not married, right?


Lindsey: I’m not married yet.


Billy: You’re just engaged.


Lindsey: Just engaged.


Billy: Okay. So, you’re engaged.


Lindsey: We’ll probably take–


Billy: Your fiancé is a surfer. He knows.


Lindsey: The water is–


Billy: Do you surf too?


Lindsey: I wouldn’t call it surfing. The waters are extremely grounding. Just being out there, I can understand why for you it’s like your religion or your sanctuary or for anybody that does it regularly. I love it.


Billy: Especially when you travel to these places like where I just got back from where there’s no sign of any trash or any influence of human beings at all. I mean, we’re out in the middle of nowhere in the Indian Ocean and it’s like islands there uninhabited and there’s no scars from human civilization. It’s just like it was since it was and it’s like so cool to look at the beauty of just nature as it is without the blemishes of human civilization.


Then you go back into port and you look at things [1:12:01] [Indiscernible] where you go to and it’s just people crawling all over and trash and chaos. It’s just — And then you fly back into LAX. It’s kind of the same thing. It’s like, oh my god, I was just in freaking Utopia and now I’m back to reality. I love where I live here in Newport and I love Southern California and I don’t know if I’d live here if I didn’t surf. But there’s a lot of benefits you have to living…


Lindsey: Where we live.


Billy: Yeah. I mean, you can’t go to rock shows in the middle of [1:12:37] [Indiscernible].


Lindsey: No.


Billy: There’s a lot up here. All right, I got to get back to work.


Lindsey: I know. I’m going to go too. I just want to thank you.
[1:12:45] End of Audio


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